Romantek Named Spank of the Day

Review GraphicHello, everyone. I want to share some good news with you. The entire Romantek series (to date) has been named Spank of the Day at Crystal’s Many Reviewers. She loved the books and was quite vocal about it. I am delighted, of course, and hope you’ll share these reviews with friends who might not have read the books. Here’s a link to the reviews. Please take a look!

My Romantek books have summaries and excerpts right here on Patricia Green Books. You can find them here:

Book 1 — The Winner: Romantek

Book 2 — Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek

Book 3 — Eddie, My Love: Romantek

If you’re not familiar with them, I’ll just say that they’re a sci-fi romance adventure series, that has elements of time travel, erotic encounters, and spanking. (Although it’s sci-fi, there are no alien space beings, wild space battles, or ships to Mars.) There is at least one more book planned for the series.

Thank you for sharing this good news with me, and passing it on to your friends.


3 Replies to “Romantek Named Spank of the Day”

  • Congratulations, Trish! Just shared and tweeted. I loved this series–very creative, sexy, and exciting. And I’m thrilled to learn there another one in the works. Yipee! Sign me up!

  • I love that series. Congratulations! Do you think you’ll write anymore of the series? After all, the mad villein is still on the loose.

    • I think it’s pretty special, too, Laurel, and I do have another book outlined, which includes the villain Esharveer. But it’s not a done deal with the publisher yet, so I haven’t done more than the outline. With luck, it’ll all work out and we’ll have something for you this year.

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