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UPDATE: It’s done! Whatcha think? Leave a comment below.

changes 35087004_sHi, everyone! I wanted to give you a quick notice that I’ll be making some significant changes to my website/blog over the next week. I think it will only take me a few days to make these improvements, but it might take as long as a week. While I’m working at it, there will not be any new posts, and this one will be featured.

I apologize for this upcoming silence, but I guarantee the new site will be amazing.

Pardon my pixel dust!



  1. You’re off with bang! Great idea to unveil the new book and the website at the same time. Like the look of your blog, and Sonata sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. It looks great Trish! 🙂

  3. Looking forward to your new look, Trish!

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