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Now that the website is done, I can move forward with finalizing the editing for the first book in the two-book Sonata’s Moon serial set. But I thought I’d take a moment and share the edited version of the blurb with you.

cover: Sonota's-Moon-Book-1-Final-WEB

The year is 2145, and a terrible war plagues the North American Union. It’s a time when “free love” has cycled back, touching the social mores and habits of people everywhere. But Sonata McLir has held herself apart for much longer than the norm. The time for her to jump into the desperate parties and hurried relationships is only beginning. She’s begun a love affair but stubbornly refuses to see it’s not right for her. And then comes Mikhail.

Mikhail Andropov is a psychology professor with a knack for listening to people and caring. Upon meeting Sonata, he is very attracted to her, but she’s in a relationship with his best friend. It’s a destructive relationship, but he doesn’t know how to tell her or that she’s ready to hear it. He formulates a plan he hopes will be enough to teach her she’s not a jaded man’s plaything; she has much more to offer.

The war escalates. Along with close friends, they’ve built an amazing shelter underground in the countryside not far from Los Angeles. The tricky part is getting there in case the ultimate cataclysm happens and the nuclear bombs drop nearby. Sonata and Mikhail, and a group of their friends, struggle with the dilemma as well as their incendiary interpersonal bonds in Sonata’s Moon, Book One: Surface.

Note: This book is part one of a two-book erotic romance serial set. If you read book one, you’ll want to read book two to discover the conclusion to the romance, the war, and the relationships of all the people involved. Each book is about the same length (roughly 250 typewritten pages), and I thought it too long to publish all at once. I hope you’ll enjoy them both. These books are a totally re-imagined, rewritten, and professionally re-edited version of my Daughter of the Moon books. They have very little in common, but I thought I should give you a heads up, in case you read Daughter of the Moon before I pulled the set from the shelves three years ago.

Sonata’s Moon, Book One: Surface will be released for the 4th of July weekend (so you can enjoy the fireworks on your Kindle before enjoying the fireworks in the sky). Sonata’s Moon, Book Two: Sanctuary will be released about a week later. Each will sell for $2.99.

Subscribers to this blog by email will have an exclusive look at the beginning of the book just before its release.



  1. Fabulous website, Trish! I love the sleek new look. 🙂 Can’t wait for Sonata’s Moon to release. I remember the original very well and can’t wait to read the updated version. Excellent summer reading!

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