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Welcome back to The Book Gourmet feature. It’s a little chatter and yammer about books, both mine and those of my colleagues. I hope you’ll tune in for this brief but fun series every Thursday.

First Course –  The Amuse Bouche

Tag lines that get your attention.

Irish Fling (by Valerie Douglas): Will a chance encounter turn into love?

Acting Lessons (by Kathryn R. Blake): He’d taught her how to act in college, now he intended to teach her how to behave.

Second Course – The Appetizer

Have you read any of the tender and sassy Waldorf Manor books by Bella Bryce? Well, I’m here to tell you, all five books in the series come from the heart and mind of one of the sweetest women I have the pleasure to know (albeit only online). Bella is a bit of a love bug, and is known for her generous hugs and cuddles.

There are five books in the Waldorf Manor series:

The Solicitation

The Shortlist

The Courting

The Glass House

And, Unfailing Love.

All have excellent reviews and die hard fans. Take a look and see what you think. (Note: these are not erotic books.)

Third Course – The Entrée

This is more spilled wine than entrée, I’m afraid. On my birthday, this past Tuesday, I gave myself permission to cancel the “Sonata’s Moon” project.  The books, originally written more than 10 years ago, were just in too bad of shape to be resurrected. I made some calculations and realized I could write one or two more brand new books in the time it was going to take me to re-edit “Sonata’s Moon” and self-publish it. The story was fun, the characters romantic, but, let’s just say, cleaning up the messes I made in 2002 was like carving concrete with a teaspoon. There is always a chance I’ll revisit the books and decide that the torture would be worth it, but at this point, I’m going forward to work on newer material which is so much better written, fresh, and in line with today’s standards and reader interests. RIP “Sonata’s Moon”.

woman dancer carnival rio 12203175_sFourth Course – The Dessert

I’m working on the post-beta editing phase for “My Vacation in Rio: Romantek.” This editing is much smoother since I didn’t start with stupid mistakes. And I love the way the plot moves along in this story, giving some more backstage details about the Romantek situation room, as well as providing the exotic backdrop of Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the millennium. Readers of previous Romantek books might ask, what happened to Esharveer Jaggi, Romantek’s greatest enemy? Remember, he escaped with major injuries in Charlotte & the Pirate. He’s back for this book, but will he escape again? Anything can happen; this is Romantek! I’ll share a blurb with you next week if I can come up with a good one between now and then.

Thanks for joining me here this week!