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First Course – The Amuse Bouche

Taglines as Tasty Tidbits

A Simple Misunderstanding (by Kathryn R. Blake) – She thought her husband was the man of her dreams, until he became the sadist of her nightmares.

Shadows of Magnolia (by Jerri Hines) – Somewhere between love and tomorrow is forever!

Second Course – The Appetizer

How do you feel about true confessions? Well, I have one for you. No, I’m not confessing anything, but many of my colleagues are in their new book, Confessions of a Spanking Author (ebook). (Also in paperback.) Find confessions about spanking experiences from: Bethany Burke, Breanna Hayse, Sir John Hayse, Alta Hensley, Maren Smith, Tabitha Black, Bella Bryce, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Joannie Kay, Devlin O’Neill, Dinah McLeod, Patty Devlin, Keith Anderson, Ashlynn Kenzie, and April Hill. Get the inside scoop and pick up a copy today. You know you wanna read all their juicy stories.

Third Course — The Entrée

Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek Book 2 is the Romantek book you’ll want to read before book 4 comes out. I introduced the Romantek control room and the evil villain, Esharveer Jaggi, who’s trying to bring down Romantek and harm their customers.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ from Marybeth:

“Charlotte has a large scar on her face from an accident she was in as a child. Her parents died in the accident and she went to her aunt to live. The scar came to define her. She was bitter and angry about it. When her aunt dies, she leaves her enough money for her to have a dream vacation with Romantek. She only wants to go because the immersion of her body in the gel that sustains her while she is dreaming rejuvenates her body and she is hoping that it will fix her scar.

“When she arrives in her dream, she finds out that she is in a pirate dream. She meets the captain, Rex Masters. Rex is actually an employee of Romantek who is hoping to foil the plot of a disgruntled employee of ruining a rich woman’s dream. He is attracted to Charlotte and, of course, spankings ensue.

“Patricia Green always writes a good story and I enjoyed this one. There is an excellent plot and a good ending. There are some pretty intense spankings. Always a plus in a spanking book! But, really, this isn’t a spanking book. It is a romance that just happens to have spanking.” ~Marybeth from Amazon. Direct link:

Thank you, Marybeth!

Fourth Course — The Dessert

You might have noticed that the Work In Progress Meter on my website doesn’t include “Spike and the Socialites” anymore. I put that book on hold, in favor of something I think more represents my career as it grows. The new book is as yet untitled, but it is in progress. I’m doing research on it now, including interviewing some interesting and colorful people. I rarely switch to different books once I’ve started on one, but, in this case, I felt it was necessary. I tend to be a linear thinker and finish one book before starting on another. Not so in this case, though I won’t be working on two books simultaneously. I’ve never done that. The new book will be a detective/crime erotic romance novel, in the gritty noir style. A bit like Striker but without spanking. Once I come up with a title, I’ll let you know.


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