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Hi, everyone. It’s not my usual practice to share character inspiration photos, mainly because my photos are often gleaned from the ‘net, and I can’t post them, only use them in the non-public side of the book. However, these are stock photos, and I do have the right to use them on my blog, so it just seemed natural to share them with you.

man tattoo 4779602_sCharacter 1: Sergio Corvino, Chairman of the Board, Romantek Corporation. He’s about 38 years old, of Italian heritage, and very successful in his career as a tech entrepreneur. He’s entering the Romantek dreaming gel in order to prove Romantek’s “Soma-gen” process of rejuvenation is safe and effective. Unlike the guy in this photo, his tattoo is on his right shoulder and upper arm, and depicts clocks and rocket ships, with black stylized swirls, and small red flowers for accents. I have a photo of it, but it’s copyrighted.

woman japanese 27501443_sCharacter 2: Amber Tachibara, Assistant Chief of Cyber-Security, Romantek Corporation. She’s 35 years old, half-Japanese, half-Caucasian, good at her job. She’s filling in while Rex Boyd (you might remember him as Captain Rex Masters from Charlotte & the Pirate) is otherwise occupied with his wife, Charlotte, who is giving birth. Her goal in the story is to save Sergio from a suspected cyber-terrorist.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these characters before they become larger-than-life on the pages of the next Romantek book, My Vacation in Rio: Romantek Book 4. It will be interesting to see what the cover artist does with these characters.
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  1. Loved the pics, Trish! Now I just can’t wait for the book!

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