Six of the Best — Angelica’s Proposition

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Never before seen on this blog! This passage has only been available to book buyers in the past. Now, today for Six of the Best, I’m revealing a little more of my erotic, mystery, spanking romance, Striker.

I’m limited to six paragraphs, so if you want more, read to the bottom of the post to get store links. And please pardon the mild coarse language.

In this segment, Angelica, Striker’s rookie partner, gives him a proposition he ought to resist. She suggests they get their attraction out and deal with it by sleeping together, scratching that itch, and then moving on. It’s an awful idea…but one he takes seriously.

striker promoAgain, I felt that tightening in my gut. Yes, it would be awful — awful professionally. It could only get in the way of the police work we were sworn to do. But, God no, it wouldn’t be awful in terms of senses. I would have loved to feel her body wrapped around mine. Was she serious? Was she just throwing out what-ifs, thinking aloud? I had to know. “I can’t say. I can see potential problems with it.” I could see her fidgeting with a button on her suit coat and knew she was anxious. “It’s not like I wouldn’t like to,” I explained. “And I’m more than flattered that you’d think of it, Angelica.”

“I hear a but in there.”

“No but. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you that way.”

“We’re over-analyzing this. Can’t we just fuck and see what happens?”

I laughed. “That’s not very cautious.”

“I’m not the cautious type.”

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