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Six of the Best-450
Hi, everyone! It’s time for Sunday’s Six of the Best post. This is part of a little blog hop showcasing six paragraphs from published books and works in progress by some of your favorite authors. For my part this week, I’m sharing some sexy flirtation between Liv Aune and Trey Journey, from my book Liv’s Journey, the first of the Journey Family series.

Trey has just met Liv, and their flirting is fun and frisky. They’re talking about the ranch and this happens…

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksHe was enjoying their flirtation, and thought maybe it would be a particularly pleasant week if they could build on it. Maybe he’d wish for some rain so their stay would be extended. “Do you like ridin’?”

Her eyebrows rose. “I presume you mean horses.”

“Naturally.” He tilted his well-worn Cavender’s cowboy hat back a little on his head. “Have you ever been in the saddle?”

She groaned, then giggled. “It’s an innuendo-fest.”

“I can introduce you to a real stud.”

Her laugh was full enough to make a passing make-up artist turn to look. “You, Mr. Journey, are a card.”

There’s more to their banter, and a lot more to their romance, including a little BDSM and plenty of spanking. If you’d like to read more of Liv’s Journey, you can pick up the ebook here:

Blushing Books,, and Barnes and Noble

Or find it in the first volume of the paperback set here:


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