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Hello! Following on my Six of the Best from last Sunday, and part of my Book Gourmet on Thursday, I’m sharing six paragraphs of another free BDSM short story, “Ross: Unpredictable.” Ross is the ultimate bad boy. He’s got attitude, swagger, and a very well hidden heart. He comes from a rough background and learned early on how to hide behind a tough demeanor.

Warning: adult language ahead.

Ross - UnpredictableHere, for Sunday’s Six of the Best, are six paragraphs from this free short story:

It was too-fuckin-early-o’clock, but Ross Adler had to get out of bed and get to work on a stakeout. Being a private investigator was nothing like the adventure and glamour of “Magnum, PI” or “Rockford Files.” It was about having a telephoto lens to take pictures of cheating husbands and wives, poring over public records trying to find people’s former high school sweethearts, and pawing through garbage cans for kiddie porn and damning financial records. He knew the job was going to be a pain-in-the-ass when he decided to go into it, but it happened to be a very lucrative vocation if you were careful which clients you took on, and if you were good at getting results. That didn’t make it less of a pain, just more of a self-induced one. He could live with that; his Swiss bank account was proof.

Ross didn’t like being led around by anyone or anything. He’d had enough of that when he was in the Marines. There was always some snot-nosed captain who had some unrealistic expectation for his special ops unit. By the time Ross made twenty-five years in SOP and had reached the highest rank he thought he could achieve in the non-commissioned corps, he’d had enough. His recon and infiltration skills had been very useful when he chose to take mercenary work all over the Middle East after leaving the service, so he couldn’t knock those long and colorful years in the military.

But, at the same time, he had nightmares still, even after five years out of the military. He’d done some things as a Marine that would make the average person run screaming from the room. They were necessary things and he’d loved it at the time. It was exciting, dangerous and, for some of his fellow unit soldiers, lethal. The nightmares, though, he could happily do without.

Before waking, he often dreamed about the hostages they’d covertly released. Sometimes those people were in very bad shape. They were broken and embarrassingly grateful for being released from hell. The truth was, he didn’t give a fuck for the victims. Ross was doing his job and wouldn’t allow himself to get emotionally attached to anyone. With attachment, there was a long list of dangers and intelligence compromises. He didn’t want to go there.

It was hard, sometimes, though. There’d been one young woman they’d rescued who had been naked and screaming when they’d grabbed her and took her to safety. He’d given her his flak jacket and never got it back. Like it mattered. He scoffed at the idea. The woman, and her hysterical screaming, the way she’d fought them as though they were also her kidnappers, she lingered in his subconscious. There had been the rescue op and that was all. He didn’t care what happened to her—didn’t want to know, in fact.

There were lots of women, women who didn’t mind that he was a one-night-stand-only man. They wanted his dick and he wanted their pussy and that was all there was to it. That was the way it was supposed to be. The only women he chose to be around more often than that were special women. Women who didn’t mind that he had to be in charge of their relationship, who were eager to be humbled and kept poised on the edge. They stayed in line because they didn’t know how to predict him. He liked it that way.

Ross might rub you the wrong way, but the friction will grab you and that’s good. He’s an important co-star in my book, Master of Two, which is available on Amazon. But you can get a glimpse of the beginning of his BDSM life, right here in this short story, “Ross: Unpredictable”. The story is definitely BDSM and erotic, intended for adults 18+. You’ve been warned.

After you read it, don’t forget to hop around to the other authors’ sites. There’s always something interesting going on.

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  1. Sounds like Ross tells it exactly like it is. No pussyfooting around for him. And yet, the fact he remembers the woman he rescued shows he’s not quite as hard as he’d like us to believe. Still, I have a feeling he could be a difficult Dom to satisfy. Great excerpt, Trish.

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