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First Course – The Amuse Bouche

What About Love: Club Decadence Book 6 (by Maddie Taylor) Can Angie convince him to entrust his damaged heart into her hands and try again?

Club Beam (by Erzabet Bishop) When you play with monsters, the monsters play back.

griff montgomery - quarterback - jean joachimSecond Course – The Appetizer

How do you feel about this football season? Want to take that armchair quarterbacking a step further? Consider reading Jean Joachim’s excellent romance series based on football. It’s contemporary, it’s smart, and it’s through-the-goalposts excellent. The first book is Griff Montgomery, Quarterback (First & Ten). Root for Griff and Lauren…will they win in the game of love?

Third Course – The Entrée

Sonata’s Moon is shining. Thanks to killer editor, Kate Richards at Decadent Publishing, the two-book serial set is going to be a most amazing release. No release date yet, but I’m plugging away on getting through the edits. Each one is making a difference and polishing a manuscript I first wrote in 1992. So much has changed! It’s almost not the same story anymore, with new tech, new adventures, new character conflict. I’ll keep you posted about its progress.

woman geeky smiling 25057604_sFourth Course – The Dessert

I’m a constant learner. What do I mean by that? I’m always taking a class on one thing or another, sometimes writing related, sometimes just a geeky interest in a topic. This month, I’m taking an awesome course from edX, the free university level education program online. The course is called Biology for Voters (Part 2). I took Part 1, last month and got an A. It was a non-partisan biology course presented by UC Berkeley’s biology department. The professors are excellent and the subject matter challenging. I learned a lot about genetics, DNA, communicable disease, and evolution. Part 2, though I’ve only had one lesson from it so far, is run by the same professorial team and has more excellent information that leads to better decision making where biological topics relate to current events. I was a little surprised, frankly, at the non-partisan, even somewhat Libertarian, views from these professors. I would have expected something quite left-leaning from Berkeley. But it’s fair, even-handed, and is limited to leaving the student with data and ideas about how to apply the concepts in real-world situations.

I highly recommend edX and the courses offered there, all free. Some of the best universities in North America are in the program.