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crock pot 27363640_sHi, everyone! I’m sneaking in a second Thanksgiving. (The second because our Canadian Thanksgiving was in October.) I can do this because I’m an American, even though I live in Canada. But I have to be low key, lest I irritate the natives. So my husband and I took the whole week off from work. It uses his vacation time for something we care about, even though this is not a traveling kind of vacation.

Only one book to recommend today, and I think it’s apropos. It’s called Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever with More Than 400 Easy-to-Make Recipes by Diane Phillips. I’m using it for every course this holiday, except for the dessert (you can’t make saskatoon berry pie in a slow cooker, much as I might want to). I only recently got this book (as a Kindle edition) and I am totally loving everything I’ve tried from it. It also gave me general instructions so I can adapt my own recipes to suit slow cooking. I hate cooking around dinner time, but don’t mind doing it during the day, so this is a godsend for us. I can get the “cooking” done early and have nothing but a ladle to deal with when I’m flagging for the evening meal. I highly recommend this book. Here’s a link. It’s $2.99 right now (which is truly a bargain, you’ll see for yourself), but I don’t know for how long. By the way, I am unaffiliated with this author; I don’t know her; am not her friend on FB (though I wouldn’t mind being her friend); and I have no financial interest in the success or failure of this book. I’m just a happy reader.

The Book Gourmet will be back at its regularly scheduled day and time next week.

I hope you’re having a terrific holiday if you’re in the US, or are having a perfect Thursday if you’re elsewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  • i am definitely going to have to get this book! I’m gone so much I’ve taken to getting up at 6am to cook dinner before going to work, since I regularly don’t get home until midnight. This slow cooker cookbook sounds like a godsend! Thanks to you and your Book Gourmet, Trish! Happy Thanksgiving!

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