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34 number 46142711_sHello, friends. I can hardly believe it. Surface: Sonata’s Moon – Book One is my thirty-fourth published book. It’s stunning to realize that I’ve been at this part-time since 1993, and full-time since 2010, and have come so far. Most of my published books and short stories have come during this full-time period. All have been romances of one sort or another, but they range the romance gamut from spanking romance, to straight romance, to BDSM romance. And they include all kinds of genres from contemporary, to historical, to sci-fi. It seems to me, that if you’re a romance lover, you can find something I’ve written and find it satisfying.

A moment to talk about quality. I want you to know that I strive, above all, to produce quality books. You won’t find lots of typos, word abuse, poor grammar, or spelling problems with my books. It is a troubling matter that there are so many writers out there who slap a cover on an unedited book and call it “done.” While I appreciate the notion that anyone now has access to methods to publish their books, I’m not 100% certain it’s a good thing. But who would we designate as the gatekeeper? Therein lies the rub. If a writer doesn’t go through a publisher, there is no gatekeeper and it’s up to that author to take the steps to make sure their book is a quality product. Those steps are expensive and many self-published writers can’t afford it.

And then we get into the realm of pricing. I am not comfortable with the proliferation of self-published books offered free or for 99 cents. Why? Because I think it gives readers the mistaken but natural impression that books take nothing to produce. That’s definitely not true. It takes many hours, a lot of creativity, and hard work to produce a good book, and yes, money. I don’t believe in gouging readers for ebooks over $4.99, but when you consider all the costs of creating a good book, and factor in the national minimum wage, $4.99 is a darn good price. My books average $3.99.

That being said, many readers don’t care about the quality of the books they’re reading. They want reading material for as cheap as they can get it, and only later do they consider the source. I can understand that. I don’t like to spend more than I have to for the books I read. Occasionally, you get a gem for a short-term sale price, and although it’s rare, it’s mighty nice. We must share our special finds (no matter their price) with our friends. Word of mouth spreads a good book faster than a megaphone at the circus.

Sonata's-Moon-300x450Surface: Sonata’s Moon – Book One is, as I said, my thirty-fourth book. The thirty-fifth, Sanctuary: Sonata’s Moon – Book Two will be published in early 2016 (it’s already written). Who knows what 2016 will bring, but I promise you, it will be sexy, romantic, and something you’ll want to read twice. If you’d like to read an extended excerpt of Surface, you will find it on my website, here.

Thank you for following along with me as I walk down this path. I can’t imagine having done anything else with the last five years. It is my job to entertain you, and I take it seriously. I hope you can tell from my books.

Come back tomorrow for The Book Gourmet, wherein I’ll feature some great books and some tidbits about what’s up with me. Ta-ta for now!