Hot times abound where spanking is found!

Domestic Discipline (spanking, time outs, etc.) is a traditional part of many relationships. This does not include abuse, but a loving and harmless remonstration when certain agreed upon unwanted behaviors occur. In my stories, this revolves around a dominant male and submissive (not subservient; there’s a difference) female.

Many of my stories feature spanking as a prominent leitmotiv.

The following are by order of release, first on the top.

Psyched Out Cover

Psyched Out

M/F, contemporary, erotic, romance, very light bondage.

“Short and hot! I love the books Miss Green writes.” ~Lee

“This is a fast fun read.

A heroine to adore and a hero who is – heroic!

But even better is the quality writing!” ~ebookluver

Liv's Journey Cover

Liv’s Journey Book One in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, Western, erotic, spanking romance, set in rural Texas.

“This story is great! … This was a fun read and I look forward to reading more from Patricia Green.” ~Monica Jones

A Mouse in His Pocket Cover

A Mouse in His Pocket

FREE Story!

M/F, Christmas-themed, contemporary, erotic spanking romance, set in Nevada.
(Available here on Patricia Green Books.)

Ace-High Flush Book Two in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in New Jersey.

“For those looking for stories that have real plot and also real spankings in real relationships – that sometimes happen for true discipline – this is a good story.” ~Maeve M.

Spanking Her Highness Book Three in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in rural Texas.

“Another great edition to the Journey Family series.” ~Karen M. (Blushing Books Site)

Strong Silent Type Cover

The Strong, Silent Type

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Nevada.

“The best thing about this story is the very realistic characters – something that Patricia Green does very well, and something I loved about her other books. … A very strong story and highly recommended.” ~Stacey J

Deuce’s Dancer Book Four in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Houston.

“I found that this installment in the journey series to have a big impact. It was interesting to see how different in many ways Deuce is from his on the ranch family and yet he retains so much of the same family values. Pilar is such a strong character and has achieve so much despite everything that life had through at her you can’t help but cheer her on and in turn root for her and Deuce as a couple.” ~Katy Beth

Jackie Draws a Straight Cover

Jackie Draws a Straight Book Five in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in rural Texas.

“Book 5 finds the youngest Journey, Jackie graduating as a nurse and finding her first real job with a Dr. taking over the small towns practice. Jackie has a lot to learn about the real working world and her Dr boss is more than willing to help teach her. A wonderful continuation of the Journey family series.” ~Christina

Journey's End Cover

Journey’s End Book Six in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in rural Texas.

“This is a really good series and this one really wraps everything up and finishes off everyones stroy while letting you see where everyone is and how they are doing. Great Job.” ~Evelyn

Journey in the Spring Cover

Journey In The Spring

FREE Story!

M/F, springtime-themed, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in rural Texas and featuring the Journey family. (Available here on Patricia Green Books.)

Correcting Kathy

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Sonoma, California.

“I have to say I laughed out loud when I read this book! Kathy’s character was just so much fun and Hal was the more mature man that was her match. Kathy is innocent and sweet and Hal had a tragic event in his past, I felt connected to both of them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of their budding romance which turned into love.” ~SH (from an ARC)


Handling Stormy 

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Nevada.

“This was such a romantic story! The chemistry between Stormy and Jeff was believable. Great read!” ~SH

Two Twisted Tales Cover

Two Twisted Tales

M/F, fantasy, fairy tales, sexy romance, set in fantasy realms. Humor.

romantek-the winner

The Winner: Romantek Book One

M/F, science fiction, erotic, spanking romance, set in Nebraska.

“Such a unique series. The idea of being able to take part in a sexy adventure is so much fun. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something new and HOT.” ~A. Brantley

The Princess and the Huntsman Cover

The Princess and the Huntsman, An Adult Fairy Tale

M/F, fairy tale, erotic, spanking romance, set in a medieval time in a place far, far away.

“This was one of the best stories Ive read in a while . It had wonderful characters well described scenes. It had romance and alot of spankings for the right reasons not just to throw it in. I loved the ending if I could give this a 1000 stars I would.” ~TastyCake


Journey’s Valentine, Book Seven in the Journey Series

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Houston, Texas.

“I love this family and was happy to see them return with another story. Deuce and Pilar have a marriage filled with spankings, love and hot sex, and trust me, they don’t disappoint. Pilar always seems to get into some kind of trouble, and Deuce knows just how to handle the situation. Of course he does – he’s a Journey! If you haven’t met the rest of this family, put on a pot of coffee and introduce yourself. Thanks to Patricia Green for bringing them back – they were missed!” ~Shelly Douglas


Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek

M/F, erotic spanking romance, sci-fi, time-travel, set on the high seas of 1720 and the future c 2150.

“There is everything you could want in this story romance action and suspense The story is well written with a great plot that keeps you turning the pages Oh and there is a feisty heroin and a Alpha man who knows just what see needs even if it is to be taken over his knee This is a must read.” ~noangel

cover: eddie my love

Eddie, My Love: Romantek

M/F, erotic spanking romance, sci-fi, time-travel, set in a private eye murder case in Los Angeles 1950 and the future c 2150.

“I really and truly enjoyed this Romantek adventure. The story was great along with the adventure, romance and just the right amount erotica. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. It is a definite recommendation.” ~TiltedHalo54

cover the blacksmith's bride

The Blacksmith’s Bride

M/F, historical, erotic spanking romance, set in the west in 1872.

“I loved the dynamic between Abel and Sunny. Abel was old enough to be Sunny’s father, but the love they shared was amazing. Their attraction and love was unplanned and immediate and all romance lovers sigh in unison….I found myself rooting for this couple right from the beginning. Patricia Green weaves amazing stories and this story will not disappoint her fans.” ~Tracey Horton

Master of Two book cover

Master of Two

M/f/f, contemporary, erotic, intense BDSM romance, set in Los Angeles and Europe.

“I was drawn in from the few pages and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Amiko and Renee have a beautiful relationship and it only blooms with their Master, Kevin. When Amiko is kidnapped you could feel the angst from Kevin and Renee as it put a strain on their relationship.

Kevin is a sadist, he enjoys giving pain and his subs enjoy receiving it. When Amiko goes missing Kevin briefly softens up only to snap out of it and be sure to keep Renee into place. As they go around the world to find Amiko and clue after clue turns up a dead end.

Amiko’s experience is heart wrenching because all she wants to do is go home to her Master. I loved this story and that every time you thought you had it figured out there was another twist and a turn here and there.

I really enjoyed reading about the experiences and pain this trio goes through. Five well earned stars!” ~Nichols Reviews

Discipline Down Under Cover

Discipline Down Under

M/F erotic, spanking romance, set in contemporary Australia.

“As is the case with almost all of Patricia’s male characters, I adored Tripp. He had the perfect combination of rugged manliness, dominance, good morals and empathy. I loved the way he protected Peg, even though it hurt him at times. Their chemistry was wonderful, with an almost school DD feel to it. The spankings were superb. The sex was hot. And the story was entertaining and fulfilling.
This was a nice fun, lighter story- perfect for someone who likes strong heroines and stronger heroes, and lots of great spankings.” ~Katherine Deane


Rescued by the Spy

f/M/f, science diction, erotic romance, set in the Ligeian settlement on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

“This was the first book I’ve ever read by this author, and it made me fall in love with her writing style. The story is imaginative and sexy, and I could not get enough. I was super disappointed when it ended, and went looking for a sequel. I know you can’t please everyone, and not everyone liked the FMF sex, but I thought it was handled brilliantly and honestly. Definitely a 5-star read!” ~Kassandra Wylde

Striker Cover


M/F, detective/crime, mystery, erotic, spanking romance.

“Striker represents a departure for author Patricia Green and the spanking fiction genre. Most spanking fiction novels are romances, and while Striker definitely contains romance and a happy ending, this one is a crime drama. Jase Strike and his rookie partner Angelica Piccolino go on the hunt for a killer who is offing prostitutes, leaving them with a white rose on their chests. Jase is a hard-boiled detective, complete with a fedora, and Angelica, well, she’s no angel. And she drives like madwoman. Before long, Jase has to reign her in before she gets them both killed, and that leads to…spanking.

I loved the tone of this story particularly Jase’s. This book has a film noir feel. If you like crime dramas/mysteries or spanking romance, you’ll like this book. It’s a good cross-genre read.” ~Cara Bristol

Romantek: My Vacation in Rio Cover

My Vacation in Rio: Romantek

M/F erotic, sci-fi, time travel, spanking romance, set at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2000.

“I loved the whole Romantek series, and was so excited to read this one!
Serge was dominant, sexy, handsome- the main character of my dreams.
Amber was amazing! Beautiful, smart, brave… the kind of female main character that made me go “I want to be like her when I grow up.” She kicked butt! (she knew martial arts. She really did. 🙂 )

These two together, sizzled with chemistry. I loved the domination and submission, and yum- I really loved the spankings.” ~Kadee

The Doctor's Daughter Cover

The Doctor’s Daughter

M/F Victorian (Historical), spanking romance set in 1890, in the fictional town of Virtue, Arizona Territory.

“…. Sparks will fly, and passion will ignite, and these two will become lovers quickly. Those lies will be called out, and she will find herself spanked each time. Has Verity finally found a man who can dominate her and keep her in line?

Not everyone is happy to have Mr. Smith around, and trouble will be brewing, with nefarious intent to get rid of him. Will his memory return before it is too late? The story is a fast-paced; action packed, erotic tale that takes the reader on a journey of love and passion while solving a mystery of amnesia, a heinous crime, and a chance at happiness. I do hope that we will see more of the Bucknell daughters in future stories.” ~Redrabbitt

Charity and the Preacher Book Cover

Charity and the Preacher

M/F Victorian (Historical), spanking romance set in 1891, in the fictional town of Virtue, Arizona Territory.

“Charity was a sweet girl with a secret. Paul was the pastor of the church with a secret of his own. He pursued Charity till she shared it with him. A love that was good for both of them. An enjoyable quirky story. Excellent.” ~TiltedHalo54

The Journey Collection book cover

Journey Collection

M/F erotic, contemporary, spanking romance, set in the Western United States. Seven complete books in this single-author anthology.

“There’s something for everyone in these books, and you can’t beat the value. You won’t be able to get through this book in one reading, that’s for sure, and that’s what makes it so awesome. As soon as you finish one “Journey,” the next one begins! A++” ~Caprica

“The stories are well written and each story features a different couple, with different personalities and tastes, so you get a lot of variety. The characters are well developed and distinct, but like with any group there will be some you like more than others. Nevertheless, each of the stories is enjoyable and easy to read. And with seven stories in the collection, you will get plenty of entertainment value from it.

Highly recommended” ~Doug Williamson

I Can't Be Your Daddy Cover

I Can’t Be Your Daddy

M/F Victorian (Historical), spanking romance set in 1871, in Stagecoach, Nevada.

“This is a wonderful read filled with wonderful characters and a storyline that not only held my attention from start to finish it is also easy to read in just a few hours so fill a rainy afternoon wonderfully.

A teacher that is simply wonderful at what she does and she is a strong character that is filled with spirit and has a wonderful lust for life, she is such a honest character I honestly believe you will find yourself like me not able to put her from your mind.

Travis has been trying to take things slow with Rose as he senses that she has suffered so sort abuse prior to their relationship. This is a simply wonderful read that has been very well written and has a wealth of various attributes that will hold your attention completely.”~Sue B

Cover by Patty D. of Blushing Books

The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo

M/F contemporary spanking romance, set in Silicon Valley (California).

“The plot kept me captivated, the dialog is raw and honest, full of emotion and heartache. Can Cal and Astraea work past her painful past, learn self-respect and find that happy medium?” ~Redrabbitt

“Loved this book. This author has written books a little out of my genre but every time I have chanced reading her books she hasn’t disappointed. Keep reading and enjoy!” ~Sara

Amanda's Daddy Book Cover

Amanda’s Daddy

M/F Victorian (Historical), spanking romance set in 1872, in Stagecoach, Nevada.

“This was a sweet love story a older woman has had a hard life he mother is ill and she is responsible for their chicken farm. Then on a very rare time away she meets a younger cowboy. Their story was so good to read Rocky and Amanda were awesome characters. There was a daddy/little aspect but it really was only a very some part in the piece. Great twists and a wonderful ending this was one of my favorite books that I have read this year. I am happy to recommend this book.” ~Crystal Crossings

“Amanda has always taken care of everyone else in life and her siblings have left for lives of their own leaving her to take care of an ailing mother. Life has passed her by and she now feels she has no hope for a marriage. Rocky sees beyond her age and slowly comes to terms with the idea of loving this gentle woman. They overcome the odds in a beautiful, romantic story. I enjoyed reading this story.” ~Ajjmb

The Problem with Daddy Cover

The Problem with Daddy

M/F Victorian (Historical), spanking romance set in 1876, in Stagecoach, Nevada.

“This is a simply wonderful story I enjoyed every single moment of it, the characters had been so very well written and the actual plot was so very different from the norm and there was a certainty that once you started impossible to put book down once started.” ~Sue B

“From the minute you start this story you are not going to want to set it down there’s lots of ups and down and twists and turns that you aren’t going to be expecting.” ~Ragu

Rowdy: Rodeo Roughies Book 1 Cover

Rowdy: Rodeo Roughies Book 1

M/F Contemporary spanking romance with cowboys. Set in rodeos all over the US.

“The characters are well detailed with great backstories and intense passion. The storyline is well written and has a smooth flow, with plenty of surprises and deadbeats showing up, like her ex. The romance skyrockets and the ending is great.”~JLH

Bear, Rodeo Roughies Book 2 Cover

Bear: Rodeo Roughies Book 2

M/F Contemporary spanking romance with cowboys and Native Americans. Set in rodeos all over the US.

“Barbie and Montana have chemistry to spare and when there is trouble at the rodeo and Barbie is determined to follow the clues Montana has his hands full trying to keep her out of trouble. This is sexy romance is the perfect way to cozy up on a blustery day and dive into this heat-inducing adventure.”~Gidget

Cash Book Cover

Cash: Rodeo Roughies Book 3

M/F Contemporary spanking romance with cowboys. Set in rodeos all over the US.

“There’s some mystery and suspense surrounding Sharon’s stalker, a bit of drama with Riley, a few spankings and some steamy sex. It was wonderful to see two adults who behave like adults, as they try to figure out where they’re going. I’ve really been enjoying this series, and hope to see more.”~KarenC

Kiki's Billionaire Cover

Kiki’s Billionaire (part of the Spanked with Love collection)

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Silicon Valley.

“How much leeway do you need before you learn to trust? Kiki is stubborn, independent and has a temper, but through patience and perserverance she learns to both trust and love. I started this one on Bethany’s Woodshed but I love having the whole story. Definitely a keeper.” ~Rebecca

Copper Cover

Copper: Rodeo Roughies Book 4

M/F Contemporary spanking romance with cowboys. Set in rodeos all over the US.