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Handling Stormy
Copyright ©2013-2015 Patricia Green and Blushing Books
All rights reserved.

It was such a pleasant dream, full of heat where she sat upon a sun-warmed rock. The pine trees were fragrant, and the sky was clear and blue. Birds fluttered and called from the canopy. She reached out to touch the red berries on the shrub next to her, and her hand encountered something else. It was weird, like she was half-asleep and half-awake. The beautiful scenery in her dream began to fade as her hand explored the shrubbery.

And encountered a penis.

Stormy squeaked and jerked her hand away as though burned, eyes wide open. Lying beside her was a gorgeous guy with light brown hair, gray-green eyes, and a smile that said he liked being the berries on her shrub.

“Oh my god!” Stormy threw herself from the bed, dragging the luxurious bed sheet with her as she leapt. Of course, that left the guy completely naked. She squeaked again and raced for a door, any door. Even a closet would be better than standing, wrapped only in a sheet, in an unfamiliar bedroom with a guy she didn’t know.

Fortunately, she found a bathroom. She slammed and locked the door, turning into the swanky room after making sure the door was secure. It was a big bathroom, painted light blue, with gold-tone fixtures and a big walk-in shower. She glanced at herself in a full-length mirror and caught a glimpse of something pink on her behind. Stormy let the sheet sag in the back until her heart-shaped bottom was exposed, and all she could do was gasp. Her butt was bright red!

Quickly, she dropped the sheet and began looking over her body for marks, bruises, anything that would explain what the hell had happened. Finding nothing but a pink derriere, Stormy wrapped the sheet around her again and sat down on the closed commode. Her butt smarted and she winced. What a mess! As she rubbed her aching forehead, she started to remember the night before.

It had been a long day of festivities as her older brother, Drake, got married to the love of his life, Mae. The whole family had been there in the hotel ballroom, of course. She remembered with a smile how joyful her brothers and sister were. How heartwarming it was to see her oldest brother, Buck, spinning his three year old daughter around near the buffet table, his wheelchair pivoting rapidly on one cantilevered wheel. They laughed with delight when they stopped, hugging each other as the little girl kissed her daddy’s face with toddler enthusiasm.

Most of the guests were on the dance floor, but one guest sat about three tables to Stormy’s left. He was a lanky, broad-shouldered man with thick, conservatively cut, light brown hair.

It was the guy from the bed!

She remembered how he stared straight at her and how she’d gotten a little flustered. It was a wedding; everyone there was an invited guest and a friend of the family. She didn’t know this guy, but he had to be okay. Feeling flushed, she gave him a tentative smile back.

As he stood, Stormy realized that the man was tall, with long legs and a wedge-shaped physique—a real looker. His suit and tie were well-tailored, his designer shoes polished and gleaming. He started toward her and she tried not to stare as he came her way. The guy walked like a panther, all easy grace and smooth, tight muscle.

Smiling in a friendly way, he came up to her and offered his hand. “I’m Jeff,” he said.

Jeff! His name was Jeff! The guy in the bedroom was Jeff…Hand! That was it. His name was Jeff Hand and she was in Jeff Hand’s bathroom.

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