Spanked with Love Cover

Eight, yes, eight burning hot contemporary novels by bestselling author Patricia Green! Each full-length book is full of love, humor, thrills, action, and of course, spanking. This set is available right now, all wrapped up in a bow for your reading pleasure. Here’s what you get:

Strong, Silent Type – He’s a taciturn cop. She’s a chatterbox victim. He has a loving family. Her family hates him. They can’t keep their hands off each other, but crime and bigotry leave little room for building a relationship.

Handling Stormy – More of the Stillwater family you met in Strong, Silent Type. Two lawyers go head-to-head in this sexy take on the classic movie “Adam’s Rib”.

Correcting Kathy – What happens when a college student falls in love with the college professor who offers to use aversion therapy to help her quit smoking? Will a stern spanking be enough to kill her puffing habit?

Discipline Down Under – Peg is a spoiled, little rich girl who’s determined to become a nature photographer, despite having no experience with it. Her Australian bush guide needs to guide her away from outback dangers and the reckless behavior she’s so prone to fall into.

Striker – In this noir bestseller, Detective Jase Striker finds his new partner has a bigger obnoxious streak than her small stature would predict. She’s a tiny package of gumption, and he can’t resist her no matter how he tries.

Master of Two – This book is different from all the rest. It is the sexy, seductive story of a lovable sadist with two girlfriends. They adore him and thrill at every command they receive from him in their BDSM relationship. But he’s a complicated man who is beside himself when one of his women is kidnapped and taken far away. Although he can’t voice the words, “I love you,” his feelings could not be more obvious.

Kiki’s Billionaire – Classic, and humorous, this is the story of struggling writer, Kiki Mackenzie, and super-successful computer guru, Jim Chesterfield. She’s got a mouth like a drunken sailor, and he’s got a few spanks to match it. 

The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo – A Goth girl falls in love with the staid, conservative hunk, Cal Chesterfield, whom you met in Kiki’s Billionaire, in this thoughtful, sexy look at what happens when opposites attract.

Publisher’s Note: These contemporary romances are intended for adults only and contain elements of power exchange, sensual scenes, danger, adventure, mystery, suspense, and a happily ever after.

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