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Trish Venetian 2015Hello, everyone. Thank you for continuing to buy my books and come to my site for information and to read the free short stories here. I promised I’d get back to you after my six month sabbatical, so I’m doing so today.

I’m not the sort of person who can sit idle and vegetate for long periods of time, so during the six month away period, I did a number of things.

I knitted and crocheted;

I restarted my embroidery hobby;

I outlined a new story, which, if ever published, will be under a pen name;

I read books (mostly non-fiction);

I sat in on many industry-related webinars and asked questions;

I started a new website for authors and editors, working with two other people, and wrote articles about what I’ve learned over the years plus current industry trends (it’s called;Maven Icon White Bknd

I began packaging some re-releases of older adult fairy tale-style books, and hope to offer them on the market as a two-story volume in the near future;

classes for writers logo-medand, I started a new business, offering online classes for writers and editors (it’s called

So, as you can see, in many respects, I’m working just as hard as I did while writing fiction books, but now my focus is on non-fiction. I was a technical writer before my fiction career took off (and, in the beginning, during), so I have a lot of know-how to fall back on.

With all of this in mind, and mostly owing to Classes for Writers, I’m going to continue my move away from fiction for the time-being. I might change my mind and write the story that I outlined while on sabbatical (I couldn’t resist as the story was firmly in my head), but I don’t have a plan to do so right now.

If you miss me — maybe a few of you do — write to me. My email address is on the “Contact Info” page here on the site.

I will continue to keep you informed of my peregrinations, and I hope you’ll keep returning to Patricia Green Books and telling your friends about my work, both fiction and non-fiction. Because I can’t stop being productive with words, I’ll keep providing new material in the form of reporting industry trends, marketing tips, and fiction advice on Book Market Maven, and will offer my experience and insights to the classes at Classes for Writers. You and your friends are more than welcome to come see what’s on offer at these sites. If you’re a writer or editor, I have no doubt they will prove helpful to you.

I truly appreciate your patronage.

Thank you!



UPDATE: It’s done! Whatcha think? Leave a comment below.

changes 35087004_sHi, everyone! I wanted to give you a quick notice that I’ll be making some significant changes to my website/blog over the next week. I think it will only take me a few days to make these improvements, but it might take as long as a week. While I’m working at it, there will not be any new posts, and this one will be featured.

I apologize for this upcoming silence, but I guarantee the new site will be amazing.

Pardon my pixel dust!