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On the occasion of my birthday…

It’s easy to feel negative about what’s going on in your world. It’s easy to feel oppressed and down when faced with daily concerns. But imagine all the good that’s going on around you. Imagine, and feel love, hope, and joy for your fellow man, because:

Somewhere in the world, someone has won the lottery;
Someone has given birth to a healthy baby;
Someone got a promotion at work;
Someone has patented a ground-breaking invention;
Somewhere, a child has been cured of cancer;
Somewhere, an elder dandles a smiling great grandchild;
Somewhere, a rescue dog has found a good home;
And, somewhere, someone has fed the hungry.

Take a few moments to revel in these happy events. Allow a smile of shared joy to sit on your lips. The goodness in you has reached out and found the sweetness of life. Live unselfishly and happiness can be yours.

Thanks for being part of my joy,


movie-componentsOver the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing some material for presentation to TV and movie producers. I decided to use the Romantek series for this venture, because the concept would make for good entertainment and, although they’re sci-fi at the core, the special effects would be cheap to produce. I decided to start my presentation with some background on Romantek the process, and then follow with details about book one (The Winner: Romantek Book One).

As I worked through this, I had to think about what movie/TV genre the books would fall in. They’re science-fiction because they deal with future technology, but they’re also romances because they deal with relationships, and yet they are also time-travel. They don’t fit in a box. Producers don’t like that, but this particular group of industry professionals has taken chances in the past, so I’m hoping something in the concept resonates with them. They’ll morph my ideas to suit them. That’s the way Hollywood works. I know. I was part of that machine for many years.

Growing up in that environment does give a person an insider’s perspective, but since I moved away from LA. twenty years ago, things may have changed. They won’t have changed by much—the wheels of Hollywood grind slowly. But the people I used to deal with in the industry have moved on and I no longer have those connections. I have to start from scratch.

With a little luck and a glimmer of talent, I’ll be able to get my foot back in the door. Although I have to submit my pitch on Monday, the decision won’t be made until April. Like I said, the wheels grind slowly.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneIf you’re curious about Romantek, you can buy book one (The Winner) for 99 cents right now, and the other three books at a two dollar discount, just $2.99 each. Go here for more information and an excerpt from The Winner.

Wish me luck as I navigate the unpredictable waters of the entertainment industry once again. Although I had some success there before, the times have changed, the producers are younger and hungrier, and the competition is more numerous and talented. But I do have a few things going for me, not the least of which are over thirty published novels and novellas. That has to count for something!

Thanks for your continued support.


Graphic copyright Maxim Kazmin/123rf

victorian ladyAs you know, The Doctor’s Daughter, was released last week. It’s done all right for itself, though, of course, it could do better – they all can do better. It did rise into the Amazon top 100 in several categories when first released, though it has dropped below that mark since.

But, that’s not the point of this article. In this article, I want to talk about how this sexy, historical romance came about. It’s not a long story, but it is a little educational.

I wrote my first historical romance way back in 1990 (or so). Like The Doctor’s Daughter it was a Victorian, although it spanned an earlier Victorian period, closer to the civil war. Also like The Doctor’s Daughter, it took place out west, but the 1990 book included a wagon journey from east to west, a journey on which a great deal of action and romance took place.

For The Doctor’s Daughter, I wanted to focus on one town in the west, the fictional berg, Virtue, in Arizona Territory. No venturing out further than Prescott, and no wild wagon rides. Like Cherise Sinclair’s “Shadowlands” books, the stories in this series revolve around a single nexus: Virtue, Arizona. People come and go, and that’s what makes the stories dynamic.

I took a long break from writing this year—six months. I needed to refresh my brain and find a new focus. As I was engaged in other non-fiction pursuits, I kept having ideas for fiction stories. I wrote each of them down in as much detail as came to me. One of those ideas was Virtue. What if, I asked myself, there were sisters, all named after virtues? Would they be particularly virtuous people?

I gave it a lot of thought. The family scape came to me easily, much as the Journey Family Series did. And after a brief discussion with Blushing Books (on another topic), I was told that I was missed and it was pointed out that my historical romance, The Blacksmith’s Bride, was one of my best sellers next to the Journey books. They asked if I would be willing to write a new historical romance. In addition, when I was not writing fiction, I had more than a few fans tell me they were unhappy that I wasn’t giving them new books. I have to say, fan correspondence does sway me. Knowing that someone actually follows my work is uplifting, especially during those moments when I wonder why I’m doing it.

The timing seemed providential. I could easily use my Virtue ideas and plot them into a series of four romantic books about five naughty sisters.

A few days ago, I finished writing the second book in the series, a Christmas story involving Charity Bucknell, second of the Bucknell sisters. It’s now sitting with Blushing Books, waiting for a thumbs-up and further planning.

So, that, my friends, is how the Virtue, Arizona, series came about. A simple idea given the right time to blossom.

I hope you enjoy Virtue and its people, and especially the Bucknells, who each has a story to tell.

Graphic Copyright : Raisa Kanareva/123rf