Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings – Don’t Lie to a Guy with Big Hands

All characters depicted on this blog are adults. You should be an adult, too. If you’re not 18+, please find entertainment somewhere else. Thank you.

Saturday Spankings

cover the blacksmith's brideWelcome to Saturday Spankings on the Patricia Green Books site. Yes, that’s what I call my little piece of the internet. It has to have some kind of name!

Today, for the hop, I’m sharing a little piece of The Blacksmith’s Bride, my nineteenth century spanking romance about…wait for it…a blacksmith and his bride. It’s part of “The Sons of Johnny Hastings” box set with Patty Devlin, Renee Rose, Maddie Taylor, and Mary Wehr. All five books are excellent, and all involve colorful characters.

In the following segment, Abel Armstrong (our blacksmith) has caught Sunny Winslow (his soon-to-be bride) telling a lie. They’re out having a picnic—their first date—chaperoned of course, but their chaperon has wandered away for a few minutes. Around this time, Abel finds out about Sunny’s lie and…

He didn’t answer, except with more spanks.

“Please, Abel. Don’t be so mean.”

“Mean, am I? Well, if the shoe fits…” he said, his voice grim. With that, he pushed her skirts—all of them—up to her back and exposed her bottom. Her pantalettes were showing! Sunny thought she’d die of shame.

For more of this spanking, and the moments that lead up to it, pick up a copy of The Blacksmith’s Bride, at these fine retailers:

Amazon, here, Blushing Books, there, and Barnes & Noble as well.

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Saturday Spankings – Crocodiles Eat You for Lunch

All characters depicted on this blog are adults. You should be an adult, too. If you’re not 18+, please find entertainment somewhere else. Thank you.

Saturday Spankings

disciplinedownunder_fullYou might have stumbled here by accident, or maybe you were searching for free spanking stories and landed on my site. You could be one of the intrepid and fun-loving people who follow blog hops, and especially sexy or kinky ones. Whoever you are, however you got here, welcome to Saturday Spankings! The participating blogs will be sharing 8 sentences from one of their available books or from a work in progress. In any case, you’ll get spankings, and tittilation and a whole lotta good times. So sally forth and see what I’m offering.

This week, I’m highlighting Discipline Down Under, my Australian Outback story, featuring American, Peg Fisk, and her Australian Outback guide, Tripp Ruf. In this segment, Peg has almost been a crocodile’s lunch, and she’s getting a punishment for such risky behavior.

But the point had to be made. She could not, must not ever, approach water unless he gave her the okay. It was absolutely forbidden.

Resolved to continue making his point, Tripp shifted the focus of his punishing hand from her bottom down onto her thighs. Her breath caught, and she whimpered. The whimpers turned to sobs. His hand was beginning to sting. When she began to boo-hoo in earnest, he stopped to stroke her, to gentle her. Tripp didn’t want to traumatize the girl.

This is 9 sentences. I ought to be spanked.

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Saturday Spankings – Let the SM Begin

All characters depicted on this blog are adults. You should be an adult, too. If you’re not 18+, please find entertainment somewhere else. Thank you.

Saturday Spankings

Note: This excerpt is not safe for work (language and concepts).

Kevin - A Man of DisciplineI’m back for Saturday Spankings this week. It’s been a nice vacation, but it was time for me to get back to work. You might notice that my work in progress meter is active again, which means I’m having fun!

Today, I’m sharing a tidbit from my recently released short story, “Kevin: A Man of Discipline.” It’s one of the companion short stories for my novella, Master of Two. Although the rest of the stories and novella were written with my colleague, Karin Ito, Kevin’s story was mine alone. I loved writing it, and I hope it shows. The entire story is in first person from Kevin’s perspective. Here’s a segment.

There were things I’d seen during a trip to Amsterdam with my father, magazines and adult comic books, that left a lasting impression on me. I was drawn to the Sadomasochistic stuff the most—not blood and destruction, but the expressions on the faces of the participants pulled me in. I wanted to try some of those things with Tasha, and she was more than willing to accommodate me.

The first time I spanked her, she took to it like a sea turtle to water. Even though it made her cry, she was wet and ready for me to fuck. Her breasts were firm, the nipples hard and, before I took her, I pinched rather roughly and found that, not only did she react with enthusiasm, but I enjoyed it immensely. Her moan, the arch of her spine, the suffering on her face, and the way she bit her lip as I slowly twisted those nipples, turned me on so much, I nearly came right there on her belly.

I hope you enjoyed this Saturday Spankings offering from “Kevin: A Man of Discipline.” You can read the entire short story here on my blog for free.

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