Holiday Greetings!

Welcome to my site. I hope your holidays are getting merrier with each passing day. Please allow me to offer you a warm place by the fireside where you can curl up with your tablet, phone, or laptop and read some heartwarming tales from sweet to sexy and beyond. A warning, though, some of the short stories you’ll find on this site are decidedly adult material. Please don’t be surprised if you find some spankings and naughty bits.

A Mouse in His Pocket Cover

One of the short stories here is specifically Christmas holiday themed. It’s A Mouse in His Pocket. It’s not a sexy story, but does have spankings and sincere, sweet romance. It tells the tale of a shy young woman who is lacking self-confidence, and a partially-disabled man who builds her up using traditional methods.

Jenny and Buck’s story is charming and perfect for hot cocoa by the fire.

You’ll find it in two chapters. Chapter 1 is here. Chapter 2 is there.

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I wish you all the best for this holiday season and well beyond. Thank you for dropping by.