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Pilar Peréz and Deuce Journey, from Deuce’s Dancer, and Journey’s End

Copyright ©2012-2015 Patricia Green


Full name: Pilar Angelina Maria Peréz
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 110
  • Hair color: black
  • Eye color: amber-brown
  • Education: Pilar has a BA in Business Administration fro UT El Paso.
  • Occupation: She’s a regional sales manager for a cosmetics and perfume company.
  • Geography: Pilar lives in Houston, and has for all but her college years.
  • Economics: She comes from a lower middle class/poor family, and still struggles to make ends meet because she gives money to her family rather than living better herself.
  • Family members: Mother: Luz Peréz, Father: Juan Peréz, Brother: Ricardo Peréz (14 years younger), and two deceased brothers: Manuel and Jorge.
  • Family History: Pilar’s parents are illegal aliens from Piedras Negras in Coahuila, Mexico, where her father was a coal-miner. He now works as a short-order chef in a Mexican restaurant. Pilar’s mother, Luz, is a hotel maid. Pilar has a checkered past. (I don’t want to reveal any spoilers.)
  • Strengths: She is very attached to her family and is a diligent employee at work. She has the strength of her convictions, and is pragmatic.
  • Quirks, idiosyncracies and foibles: Pilar learns that she likes spankings (for fun). She always has a perfect manicure and pedicure and flawless makeup. She sells cosmetics, after all.
  • Likes and dislikes: Pilar loves the traditional Mexican food her mother makes; she likes children and animals; loves to dance and really gets into music; and she enjoys her trip to Jamaica (she saved up 5 years to go).
  • Goal in this story: She wants to deal with her life without complications and keep her past a secret. After a while, she finds herself in love with Deuce Journey and wishes she could be with him for a lifetime.


Full name: Deuce Chester Daniel Journey
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 190
  • Hair color: Light brown.
  • Eye color: Ice-blue (the only blue eyes in the Journey family, except for his mother).
  • Education: BS Biology – Texas A&M; M.D. (cardiologist), Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Brox, NY.
  • Occupation: Pediatric cardiologist.
  • Geography: Raised on the Journey ranch, near Sonora, TX, but his years of training in NY took away some of his Texas drawl and taught him to enjoy the city. Now he’s a Houstonite and happy there.
  • Economics: Deuce’s family does well with Journey’s End ranch, but only through the hard work, intelligence and perseverance of the family members. He makes a lot of money from his medical practice, but does a lot of pro bono work as well.
  • Family members: Father Leo Journey; mother Cassie Journey (deceased); siblings Ace (3 years older); Queenie (3 years younger), Trey (5 years younter ), Jackie (14 years younger). No pets.
  • Family History: Deuce comes from old money. His family has owned Journey’s End since the mid-19th century. They are a cohesive family that believes in hard work and intelligence. There are no slackers.
  • Strengths: Deuce is extremely intelligent (possibly the smartest of the Journey siblings), but he’s realistic and not arrogant about his achievements. He’s a hard worker. Deuce is compassionate about the problems of others, but is not beset by emotion when he does his job.
  • Quirks, idiosyncracies and foibles: He is a work-a-holic and does not tolerate fools gladly. He is the peacemaker among the Journey siblings.
  • Likes and dislikes: Deuce likes spanking women (usually for fun), follows the Houston Astros (baseball). He has a classic motorcycle which he enjoys riding and fussing with, and he’s a personable guy who enjoys people and loves children.
  • Goal in this story: Deuce wants the girl he met in Jamaica (Pilar), but he also wants his ex-girlfriend’s young son to move on and away from Deuce to whom the boy is strongly attached.
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  1. I love your spanking stories, Ms Green, especially with Daddies. I am immature and need co nstant and guidance.

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