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Lu Shenandoah and Philip Pines, from Psyched Out

 Copyright ©2011-2015 Patricia Green


Full name: Luella “Lu” Alicia Shenandoah
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 110
  • Hair color: Brunette (short hair style)
  • Eye color: Amber brown
  • Education: M.D. — Psychiatrist
  • Occupation: Research Psychiatrist
  • Geography: Lu lives in Washington, DC, but the story takes place and a professional conference in Arizona and in Jamaica.
  • Economics: She makes a decent living and is comfortable but budgeted.
  • Family members: Lu’s parents are still alive, and living in her home town of Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Family History: Comes from an upper middle class background. Her father is an engineer, mother is a school teacher. Parents had enough money to help her pay for medical school. They have a strong work ethic and a religious affiliation which leads them to participate with charitable organizations.
  • Strengths: Lu is talented at watercolor painting and non-fiction writing, and also makes insightful observations at work. She wants to make life easier for people with mental problems and has the drive, determination and intelligence to do that.
  • Quirks, idiosyncracies and foibles: Lu is somewhat clumsy, a little shy, and tongue-tied around handsome men. Her focus on academics and work has made her naiive but curious. After reading Philip Pines’ book about BDSM as part of a normal life, she’s intrigued enough to go to a BDSM club and observe.
  • Likes and dislikes: Lu likes children, bubble baths, rocky road ice cream, dogs, silky underwear, honesty, and smart take-charge men. She dislikes pompous arrogant men, people with no common sense, bigotry, reptiles, and pie of all sorts.
  • Goal in this story: Lu wants to present a professional image initially, though she would also like to meet a suitable man to have a fling with…maybe leading to something else. When she gets to Jamaica, she wants to simply have a brief affair. She’s looking for something memorable to reminiss about when she finds a boring, staid, appropriate person to marry.



Full name: Philip Nathaniel Pines
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 180
  • Hair color: Brown to light brown.
  • Eye color: Green
  • Education: PhD, Psychology
  • Occupation: Clinical Psychologist and best-selling author.
  • Geography: Lives in Manhattan, but is attending the conference in Arizona and then vacationing in Jamaica.
  • Economics: Comes from a fairly well off family which supported his education, and has made the most of it by writing a best-selling self-help book.
  • Family members: Philip’s father is still alive and well, living in New Jersey, where Philip grew up. Philip also has an older sister, with whom he communicates regularly.
  • Family History: Philip’s family comes from middle class, European roots. His parents were successful people who had post graduate educations. Both parents were professors at Princeton.
  • Strengths: Philip is strong-minded and has strong opinions, but his training as a psychologist has softened his edges quite a bit. He takes a dominant role in his relationships with women, but does not expect women to be doormats. He believes in helping people to find their happiness.
  • Quirks, idiosyncracies and foibles: Philip is into BDSM in a dominant role. He loves a good debate, but is a good loser when he’s bested.
  • Likes and dislikes: He likes animals, baseball, hot dogs and bicycling. He enjoys giving college lectures because he loves the spontenaity and enthusiasm of the students. He dislikes people who are actively irrational, SUVs, and oysters.
  • Goal in this story: Philip wants to participate in the professional conference, isn’t looking for available women, but is intrigued by Lu’s charm. In Jamaica, he just wants to have a vacation after so much travel and stress with his book tour. Initially, he thinks that Lu is too innocent for his more edgy sexuality, but when he finds out that she’s got a secret longing to submit, he wants to share that part of himself with her.
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