Rodeo Roughies Series Reveal

Rough stock events are some of the most exciting, grueling, and dangerous events in rodeo. The men who participate in these contests, the Roughies, are courageous and just a little crazy. Some would say they are thrill-seekers or adrenaline junkies. 

But they’re also family men, lovers, and fathers. They look for love in sometimes unlikely places and love finds them when they least expect it.

The women who fall for them have courage of a different sort, the courage to watch their men get brutally beaten up with each contest, risking life and limb with every encounter.

The Rodeo Roughies series tells the stories of six different couples, each with their own unique situations.

  • A woman’s struggles with a $900 million lottery win;
  • A TV journalist falls in love with her rodeo star interviewee;
  • A rodeo singer/songwriter falls for a saddle bronc rider as they try to find and capture a stalker;
  • A woman photographer who can’t get enough of the ex-marine saddle bronc rider and stock breeder, has made a frustrating enemy.

These people have two big things in common — love and rodeo.

Book 1: Rowdy

Book 2: Bear

Book 3: Cash

Book 4: Copper (coming soon)