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patience and sarah coverAs many of you know, my first published book was a single-author collection of F/F erotic romance short stories. (It’s still available, by the way: Four Part Hermony.) F/F romance stories are still near and dear to my heart, though I certainly read a lot of M/F and M/F/F stories as well. Recently, I was introduced to a classic F/F romance, entitled Patience & Sarah. It was originally written in the 1970s, and sold on street corners, by its author, Isabel Miller. Later, it was picked up by a major publisher and distributed widely. I read the Kindle edition, published by Arsenal Pulp Press in 2005.

Patience & Sarah is a historical romance, set in Connecticut in the early 1800s. It tells the story of two women, spinsters, who are very opposite in their lifestyles. One is basically a homemaker (though unmarried), doing the routine chores of a nineteenth century woman: canning, quilting, spinning, sewing, cooking, cleaning, milking the cows, babysitting, etc. Patience helps in her brother’s household. Sarah, on the other hand, comes from a family of all girl children. Early on in her life, her father designated her as “the boy” and taught her all the traditionally male farmer’s skills, including tree felling, planting, carpentry, and animal husbandry. When Patience and Sarah meet, they find instant rapport. This leads to something more intimate (kisses). They both realize that what they’re doing would get them in trouble with the community, though each stubbornly wonders why that has to be so. It is, though, and when their families find out, there is hell to pay. It looks like Patience and Sarah are bound to be separated and unfulfilled for the rest of their lives. Through a series of interesting adventures, the two women finally find their way, though not without quite a few trials and tribulations.

This novel, written in a series of short “books” (really segments), is told from Patience’s perspective at first, and then in the next “book”, Sarah’s. It alternates throughout. This is remarkable, not because that’s never been done before, but because it’s so cleanly done. You can really hear Patience’s more educated voice in contrast to Sarah’s uneducated vernacular. And yet, both perspectives are full, rich, intimate, and tender. You feel like these two women are meant for each other based upon their thoughts and experiences. It is wonderful literature, the kind of which you rarely see in romance books these days.

This is not an erotic book. Not at all. It’s a romantic book, with kisses and sighs and some vague hint of some sort of intimate contact involving “melting.” You don’t get details, but you know something is going on. I like that aspect of the book. We don’t need the nitty-gritty details to be wrapped up in these two lovers’ physical relationship. We know what’s likely happening. And yet, this is definitely an adult book. The concepts are strong and complex, not for people who don’t have an open, romantic heart.

I highly recommend Patience & Sarah. You will not regret the price tag. You can get it from Amazon here.

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

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Happy Horny Hump Day! I know you’ve been waiting for this since Sunday night. I and the other Horny Hump Day authors will not disappoint you.

Cover: Four Part HermonyThese past few weeks have been “dredge up Trish’s old stuff” time. On Monday, I offered an article on “Why I Write Erotica” and today, I’m looking at my earliest eBook, Four Part Hermony, published for the second time in 2002 by Renaissance E Books. Four Part Hermony was my second published F/F erotic book, the first one being Distant Love by A. L. Reine, long out of print. Four Part Hermony is a collection of short stories. This excerpt is from “Exchange”, a short story about a French exchange student who rocks the world of the woman whose home she is sharing temporarily. Natalie is the French exchange student, and in this scene, she is beginning her seduction of the less experienced, older Alice.

That ear was given great attention with both teeth and tongue until Alice’s knees began to feel rubbery. Soon though, Natalie retraced her mouth’s path to the side of Alice’s neck and sank her strong white teeth into the flesh there. Alice became slightly dizzy from the wolfbite, as the blood supply through her jugular was suspended for a moment and then returned with a rush, and she made a small noise, surprise and pleasure in her gasp.

I hope this bit of F/F inspires your imagination. I don’t write much F/F anymore, but I do hope it has a renaissance in the market.

Hop along now, and see what others have to offer. And thanks for stopping here along your way.

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

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Welcome! I love sharing sexy snippets of my work with you, but sometimes I’m in a quandary about which book to share. As of last week, I’ve got 20 published novels and novellas! For today, I thought I’d go with something outré – I hope you don’t mind.

This set of sentences is from my very first eBook. It is a re-edited version of my 1993 book, Distant Love by A. L. Reine (long out of print). It was subsequently sold as an eBook to Renaissance E Books and came out in 2002. The book was retitled, Four Part Hermony. That alternate spelling for “harmony” is on purpose, not a typo. This book is all about women falling in love with women. (I told you it was a little outré.)

The eBook consists of four erotic short stories, set in different locales and even historical settings. The cover is a little crazy, but aside from that, it’s a sexy book to enjoy in a private moment.

Here’s a taste of my favorite story in the book, “Not a Private Dick.” “Not a Private Dick” is set in Los Angeles, 1948. In this segment, hard-as-nails private detective Jane Carter is hired to guard spoiled society girl, Lynette Frederickson. They clash badly, but eventually, Jane simply can’t resist the gorgeous red-head.

Cover: Four Part Hermony

Her mouth crashed down on Lynette’s with ferocious intent. Her tongue shooting past half-open lips to taste the nectar of the beauty’s kiss.

Lynette resisted only another second before she, slowly, began to return the thrusts of her protector’s tongue.

If you want something different, get yourself a copy of Four Part Hermony. It’s not a book of schoolgirl fantasies.

Thank you for joining me for Horny Hump Day this week. Please stop by all the Horny Hump Day authors’ sites for more sexy fun and games.