Cover Reveal!

September 19, 2014 Posted by Patricia Green

Welcome. If you’re here for the Fall into Romance Blog Hop, you’re in the right place. Scroll down one post, or click here for your chance to win prizes!

I’m really excited about this book. It’ll be available for pre-order in October for a November 1, 2014, delivery. More to come as the time progresses, including snippets and more! The fantastic cover was rendered by The Cover Artisan.

So, I give you: Nina Stanley (played by Mirish@deviantart) and Michael O’Malley (spy and sudden slave owner).

Cover: The Slave Girls and the Spy

Fall Into Romance Hop: Inspiration for the Erotic Parts

September 19, 2014 Posted by Patricia Green

Fall Into Romance (Sept 2014) Blog Hop ButtonWelcome to my little corner of the web. Please take a moment to look around and see what there is here. You might be pleasantly surprised.

The Fall Into Romance Hop, sponsored by Hops With Heart is going on now, and includes stops at many wonderful authors’ sites. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter (below) for a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift certificate. For my part, I’m offering a $10 Blushing Books gift certificate to one randomly chosen commenter on this post. Make your comment here a personalized one. Cut and paste comments will not be counted. Be sure to leave your email address, or I won’t be able to contact you. And for goodness’ sake, check your spam filter! You don’t want to miss your prize.

To entertain you today, I’d like to offer a little perspective on what inspires the erotic parts of erotic romance.

Not long ago, an aspiring writer asked me where my inspiration for erotica comes from—personal experience or imagination? It was kind of a personal question, but I did my best to answer it, and it got me thinking.

Inspiration for writing erotic scenes can come from many directions. There’s not one easy way to get the words to flow or the creativity to spark. You have to write from a combination of experience and imagination. Most erotica writers don’t have all the crazy experiences they write in their stories (and sometimes you can really tell), but many of those same made-up fantasies will speak to readers anyway. To put it in another context, think of an Indiana Jones screenplay. Do you think the screenplay writer(s) had experience running through jungles, dodging giant boulders, and vanquishing evil-doers? Seems unlikely. But they came up with those ideas anyway. The same can be said for erotic writing. You can be inspired by the NOT doing, or the doing, but you nearly always have to use your imagination to get things down in pixels.

You can’t write about sex eloquently unless you’ve had it. But once that’s out of the way, you can do all kinds of crazy things with that experience.


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