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All characters depicted on this blog are adults. You should be an adult, too. If you’re not 18+, please find entertainment somewhere else. Thank you.

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! A whole slew of spanking fiction authors are offering 8 sentence of red-bottomed goodness for you, each and every Saturday. Here’s my offering for this week.

Cover: Daughter of the Moon, Book 1This segment is from one of my earliest books, Daughter of the Moon: Book 1, Surface . It’s a sci-fi (speculative), erotic romance (that needs a new cover, LOL). It has all kinds of kinky elements, and hints of kinky elements. There’s something for everyone, I think. Here on my site, you can get an extended excerpt as well as the buy links. It’s available at the publisher’s site—Renaissance E Books—plus Amazon and other retailers.

Early in my career, I wasn’t above breaking the “romance rules” a bit. Here’s a segment between Sonata (our heroine) and Charles (our nemesis). They have an erotic relationship, but Sonata is a bit put out by a new thing: spankings. This is only six sentences and the book is not spanking-focused, but that’s within the rules.

Within seconds, Sonata found herself overturned on Charles lap, the short skirt of purple serpentine pushed high above her buttocks, as he spanked her bare bottom and thighs harshly, counting loudly as she screeched, then cried, then threatened. When the twelfth smack was complete, Sonata slid off to the floor and glared at Charles, humiliated. Tears ran down her red cheeks. Oh how she was her mother’s daughter! This leaf hadn’t fallen far from the tree, isn’t that how it was said? Her self-disgust new no bounds in that singular, confusing, painfully ugly moment in time.

I hope you enjoy this little look at a book published over 10 years ago. My head was in a pretty different place then. It’s fun to see the progression.

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Hop, hop, hop…

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

Horny Hump Day graphic

Happy Hump Day!

We’ve gone through a bit of the Journey Family series over the last several weeks, so now I’d like to change it up. Quite a lot, really. This week, I’m sharing a bit of my sci-fi (speculative), romance novel series, Daughter of the Moon. This is from Book 1: Surface. Most of you haven’t been exposed to this one. It’s from my catalog, and was released at Renaissance E Books more than 10 years ago. The cover is…meh…but the book is an oldie but goody.

Cover: Daughter of the Moon, Book 1I broke a few “romance rules” in this book, and here’s a scene where I veered off the path a little. Herein, Sonata (our heroine) is having sex with our nemesis, Charles. He’s a little on the rough side, generally, but here he’s giving her a taste of pleasure instead. Gotta have the good and the bad, eh?

In response she opened her legs widely, and showed him the glorious essence of her, moistening the path he would take. He joined her on the bed, moving to kneel between her outspread bent knees. “One taste, honey-treat,” he whispered.

Well…you can guess where this goes. Or can you? It might not go where you think it goes. Here’s the blurb for the book, and you can read an extended excerpt on my site. The book is available at the publisher’s site—Renaissance E Books—and on Amazon and other distributors.

Sonata McLir is torn. The man she’s been involved with wants her to be something she’s not and doesn’t want to be. He refuses to respect her beliefs as a practicing Daughter of the Moon, and erodes her self-respect.

When Mikhail Andropov discovers Sonata’s confusion and his former friend’s plans for the young woman, he takes matters into his own hands and gives her the encouragement and support, the loving touches she needs.

Their relationship is tumultuous, leading to a long erotic weekend which opens their eyes to the possibilities. Unfortunately, war can steal their happiness away…if they let it.

This is book one of a two-book series. The second book follows Sonata and Mikhail into confined spaces where only their hearts are allowed to run free.

M/F, erotic, speculative (sci-fi) romance, with BDSM elements.

If you like sci-fi, pick up a copy and see what I was writing more than 10 years ago.

Enjoy your hump day, and don’t forget to visit all the Horny Hump Day authors’ blogs!

сердечный привет (serdechnyĭ privet, or in English, hearty greetings), my friends!

Square One Cucumber VodkaToday is Vodka day on Patricia Green Books. Why? Because it’s my birthday, and ice cold vodka is perfect to celebrate a hot summer birthday dinner of chilled caviar, blini, and all the fixin’s. My favorite vodka is Square One Cucumber. It’s an “organic” vodka with a wonderful, crisp taste and smooth finish.

I looked through all my books, and realized that I didn’t have anyone drinking vodka. What an oversight on my part! However, I do have a Belorussian hero in my Daughter of the Moon books. I would imagine he’d enjoy a freezer-chilled shot of vodka now and then. Here’s a little snippet from Daughter of the Moon, Book 1: Surface. This is one of my older books, before the time when head-hopping became a no-no in pop literature, so forgive my old-fashioned prose a bit, please.

You might recall, this book is set in the future, and the customs there are rather more free-wheeling and open-minded. Our hero, Mikhail, has won a weekend with Sonata as a game prize. She’s not so sure she likes it, but when they kiss…

“She’s yours, Mikhail.  Game over,” stated Larry.  “Dinner will be in about twenty minutes,” he announced to all.

“Stand up,” commanded Mikhail looking down at Sonata, and people paused to watch, anticipating fireworks.

Sonata stood slowly, looking both angry and hurt.  Her eyes met his, and he saw her fury.  He liked her anger.  It was evidence of her spirit; something he had been afraid Charles had snuffed out.  Mikhail found her exquisitely beautiful, her green eyes flashing, chin tilted in defiance, fists clenched.

“Kiss me,” he said.  More people turned to watch.  Sonata was tall, but the top of her head still only reached his chin.  She glared at him, but rose on tip toe and kissed his lips, like a sister.  She knew it was not what he wanted and his frown was gratifying.  “No.  Kiss me the way a woman kisses a man she’ll be sleeping with,” he rumbled.  Sly chuckles could be heard all around her.

She blushed crimson, and itched to smack him, but honor was honor.  Both her hands reached around his neck, and pulled his head toward hers.  Her soft lips met his gently, playing upon his firm mouth slowly.  His hands trailed down her back to cup her buttocks and pull her hard against him.  His tongue darted out to tease her lips open, and she lost her breath as his kiss became demanding, forceful.  His tongue plundered her soft mouth, coaxing a response from her which she could not have anticipated.

Her plan to bite him was lost.  She could feel the hardness of his manhood against her belly and felt a warm surge beginning deep within.  The crowd cheered and clapped.  Sonata was surprised at her own disappointment when he broke away from her.

“Much better.” He grinned, perfectly in control.  “Remember where we left off.”  He patted her bottom and strode away.

Sonata stood there for about thirty seconds, her anger returning, feeling somewhat humiliated.  It was just a kiss after all.  But her body felt so tingly, so affected.  Waste!  What was happening here?

Mikhail might be the Belorussian, but I’d have to say that Sonata is the one who needs that shot of vodka right about now.

Here’s my page about Daughter of the Moon, Book 1: Surface, with blurb and buy links and a longer excerpt.

Vodka on the RocksIf you’re not into shots, there are all kinds of drinks that use vodka as a base. One of my favorites is a dry, vodka martini. Here’s my personal recipe.


2 oz chilled vodka
splash of dry vermouth
2 plump, juicy olives (or a twist of lemon)


Put ice cubes in a martini glass to chill the glass down (or you can start with a chilled glass).

After the glass is somewhat chilled, dump out the ice and pour in a splash of dry vermouth. Twisting and tipping the glass, coat the inside with a thin layer of vermouth and then pour out the remainder.

In a shaker, put in a handful of ice and the vodka and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. This “bruises” the vodka and takes some of the astringency off the foretaste.

Pour the vodka into the chilled martini glass and garnish with olives or a lemon twist.

That’s your Saturday Sip for today. And here’s the accompanying video! This is “The Vodka Song” by Seamus Moore. I thought it wonderfully quirky to have an Irishman sing about vodka.