I’ve been writing a series of short stories, each on a different theme, and you can find them on my site as listed below. If you’d like to be among the first to see each short story, sign up for my blog announcements newsletter, over here. —->

short stories in five minutes

The Vessel (Contemporary, romantic.)

Can a budding archaeologist get her hands on a fabulous artifact, or will a mysterious but famous digger keep it from her?

Among the Trees, There are Dreams (Fairy tale, sexy, romantic.)

When a woman with “the sight” finds a man whose dreams call to her, can she find a way to balance her abilities with her fear of her gift?

The Scent of Sondja (Sci-fi, romantic.)

A well-respected captain of a star ship encounters an alien woman with a captivating scent. Can he escape her power, and does he really want to?

Samhel (Contemporary, fantasy, romantic.)

A demon writer inspires a young woman who learns his craft and falls in love with him. But human and demon are ill-fated. Or are they?

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