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Saturday Spankings

It’s a great day for a spanking! And today it’s Saturday Spankings day, here on Patricia Green Books. I’ve been absent for a few weeks while I finish the draft of Teaching Miss McGillicutty (a spanking romance novella), but I’m back for a few weeks while it’s out in beta.

Cover: Journey's EndThis week, I’m sharing eight sentences from Journey’s End, the sixth book in the Journey family series. This book is jam-packed with spankings, both for punishment and for erotic purposes. I hope you’ll pick up a copy at, Amazon UK or Blushing Books.

Each of the first five chapters of the novella is about one of the Journey couples. This segment is from Queenie and Will’s chapter. He’s just come home to find Queenie exhausted. Will is affectionate with her, though he’s unhappy about her frazzled condition.

“Is that an invitation, Mr. Mazie?”

He nuzzled in the hair near her ear. “No. You look beat. I ought to spank you for letting yourself get so worn down.”

There were aspects of a hard spanking that appealed to Queenie at that moment. She was pent up, tired and frazzled. It would be like hitting the “reset” button for her.

Any woman in a D/s or DD relationship can probably relate to Queenie’s sentiments if she’s honest with herself. How do you feel about a “reset” spanking? Would you equate it with a “maintenance” spanking?

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Horny Hump Day graphic

Welcome back to Horny Hump Day on Patricia Green Books. I took a few weeks off so that I could finish the draft of Teaching Miss McGillicutty, but I’m back for a little while while it’s in beta, sharing some goodies with you. I hope you’ll also hop over to the other Horny Hump Day authors’ sites today or tomorrow.

Cover: Journey's EndI’d like to show you a little more of Journey’s End today. You might recall that Journey’s End is the sixth book of the Journey family series. There’s also a surprise seventh book (Journey’s Valentine), but it’s not available at distributors except for Bethany’s Woodshed yet.

In this segment, Queenie and Will (whom you might remember from Spanking Her Highness are sharing an early morning shower.

Will’s auburn hair had darkened in the water, and droplets beaded on his broad shoulders and chest. His upper body was tanned down to a line low on his hips from working out in the sun and his bright eyes fell on her with heated intensity. Queenie pressed her body against him and luxuriated in the sensation of his thick cock against her belly.

There’s much more to this erotic scene, so do go and find yourself a copy of the book. Love and spankings go hand and hand in this novella, as with all the Journey books.

To get your copy of Journey’s End:, Amazon UK and Blushing Books.

Thanks for joining me here today! I’ll see you again on Saturday for Saturday Spankings.

a href=””>Saturday Spankings

Are you ready for another Saturday Spanking(s)? I’m ready to give it to you, so hold on to your seat.

Cover: Journey's EndI’d like to share another 8 sentences from Journey’s End this week. It’s my latest release from Blushing Books. I’m trying not to give away all the parts you’ll want to savor in private, but here’s a little preamble to a walloping. This is from Liv and Trey’s segment of the book.

Liv sighed and started toward him. “You are so mean to me,” she whispered.

“I’m firm with you. You know you deserve this.” He took her arm and led her to the mound of pillows. “Ass up, Liv.”

Her breath hitched as she bent over the little hill of down and Trey knew she was already on the verge of tears. Her “yes, sir” was muffled with the thick cinnamon-colored comforter.

Commence spanking, Trey!

Journey’s End can be found at, Amazon UK and Blushing Books.

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