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movie-componentsOver the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing some material for presentation to TV and movie producers. I decided to use the Romantek series for this venture, because the concept would make for good entertainment and, although they’re sci-fi at the core, the special effects would be cheap to produce. I decided to start my presentation with some background on Romantek the process, and then follow with details about book one (The Winner: Romantek Book One).

As I worked through this, I had to think about what movie/TV genre the books would fall in. They’re science-fiction because they deal with future technology, but they’re also romances because they deal with relationships, and yet they are also time-travel. They don’t fit in a box. Producers don’t like that, but this particular group of industry professionals has taken chances in the past, so I’m hoping something in the concept resonates with them. They’ll morph my ideas to suit them. That’s the way Hollywood works. I know. I was part of that machine for many years.

Growing up in that environment does give a person an insider’s perspective, but since I moved away from LA. twenty years ago, things may have changed. They won’t have changed by much—the wheels of Hollywood grind slowly. But the people I used to deal with in the industry have moved on and I no longer have those connections. I have to start from scratch.

With a little luck and a glimmer of talent, I’ll be able to get my foot back in the door. Although I have to submit my pitch on Monday, the decision won’t be made until April. Like I said, the wheels grind slowly.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneIf you’re curious about Romantek, you can buy book one (The Winner) for 99 cents right now, and the other three books at a two dollar discount, just $2.99 each. Go here for more information and an excerpt from The Winner.

Wish me luck as I navigate the unpredictable waters of the entertainment industry once again. Although I had some success there before, the times have changed, the producers are younger and hungrier, and the competition is more numerous and talented. But I do have a few things going for me, not the least of which are over thirty published novels and novellas. That has to count for something!

Thanks for your continued support.


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First Course – The Amuse Bouche

Repeating the Past (by Georgia St. Claire) How will Beth do in such a dangerous town where men outnumber women by 10 to 1?

Rocky Mountain Bride (by Lee Savino) The truth: Carrie’s come to the middle of nowhere to marry a man she’s never met.

Unwrapped 3 Holiday Novellas coverSecond Course – The Appetizer

‘Tis the time for holiday stories. As you’re preparing for a long holiday weekend, you’re probably stocking up on books for those quiet moments between the mall and the refrigerator. Some colleagues of mine have published a fun collection of holiday books, Unwrapped: Three Holiday Novellas. These are great Victorian and Western holiday stories with dominant men and their feisty women. Bestselling authors, Sue Lyndon, Ava Sinclair, and Vanessa Vale put together some sexy fun with this set. You can get it at Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Kobo.

My Vacation In Rio CoverThird Course – The Entrée

As many of you know, I’ve got a new book out this week: My Vacation in Rio: Romantek. Here is its first (5 star) review:

“Filled with action suspense and romance. The plot is well written and keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next. This is a great series but can also be read alone.” ~noangel from Here’s the link to the review page.

I hope you’ll take a look at this erotic, sci-fi, time travel, spanking romance. It takes place primarily in the year 2000 in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. As you might imagine, the turn of the millennium celebration is amazing. I did a lot of research for this one, and every minute of it was fun. Other parts of the book are set in the future, where dreams are virtual reality playgrounds, but sometimes bad guys sneak in and then all hell breaks loose.

You can pick it up at Amazon USAmazon UK, and Blushing Books.

Turkey & PieFourth Course – The Dessert

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I have a lot of people and events to be thankful for. I’m very fortunate to have a deeply caring husband who won’t let me get away with being naughty, a long list of friends both close and simply friendly, and wonderful daughters who make me proud and hopeful for the future. I live in a wonderful city with a small town atmosphere but cosmopolitan opportunities. There are plenty of things occupying my time, so I’m never bored. Overall, I live a good life. I hope you are equally blessed wherever you are and whatever you do. Thank you to all of you who follow along here and who read my books. You complete my life like the cherry on top of the sundae.

Wishing you a happy holiday.





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First Course — The Amuse Bouche

The Tamer (by Susie Daniel) – It was hard to tell who was more shocked when Wiley ended up over Steven’s knee for a spanking.

Captured by Time (by Alta Hensley and Carolyn Falkner) – Though he found her in a brothel bed, Jude knew from the get-go that she was special.

The Ways of the WestSecond Course — The Appetizer

Kelly Dawson is a new-to-me author, whose most recent book is The Ways of the West. As you might guess, it’s an historical western. You might not guess, however, that it’s a spanking romance, too. Published by Stormy Night Publications, it’s an erotic novel about a city girl who meets a cowboy under dire circumstances. They embark on a bit of an adventure, and find themselves tied to a cattle drive. Yes, poor Jessica has to deal with more cowboys, but her hero, Johnny, is always there to protect her. Sometimes, that protection includes a spanking, but that’s not so bad. Or, it wouldn’t be so bad if her stubborn, citified ways didn’t end with her across Johnny’s lap so much.

Kelly’s story is a fun one, well-written and exuberant. The historical setting is terrific, and the sexy parts are hot. Take a look at the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, or Kobo, and try a sample. You’ll likely enjoy it.

halloween dog lettered15884935_sThird Course — The Entrée

How do you feel about Halloween? When I was younger, I used to enjoy it very much. I dressed up every year, and often had parties with my friends. As I’ve moved around, those parties became fewer, and dressing up passé. These days, I live in a condo building which has no children, so even seeing kiddies dolled up for the occasion isn’t a factor. I kind of miss those days.

I’ve never been into the horror aspect of Halloween, however. I don’t like scary movies, and except for select Stephen King and Dean Koontz novels, I’ve never gotten into scary books. I think the scariest book I ever read was It by Stephen King. Who isn’t afraid of murderous clowns, for goodness’ sake? I think it’s a classic among horror books. Dean Koontz also wrote many thriller-style horror books, and I think my favorite of them was By the Light of the Moon, which puts a musician, his autistic brother, and a female standup comic, in a terrifying situation. Koontz’s best books, however, are more macabre than horrifying, and they’re the Odd Thomas books, starting with the aptly named Odd Thomas: An Odd Thomas Novel.

I would recommend any of these books if you want scary, suspenseful Halloween reading.

Fourth Course — The Dessert

I have a new Romantek book coming out on November 18. It’s called, My Vacation in Rio: Romantek Book 4. You might remember I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before. It takes up a few years after Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek Book 2, and tells the story of Amber Tachibara, Asst. Cyber-security Chief for Romantek, and Sergio Corvino, Romantek’s Chairman of the Board. They have a suspenseful adventure, trying to catch a murderous cyber-terrorist, while keeping Sergio safe from the terrorist. This is the same terrorist who tried to sabotage Romantek in Charlotte’s book, but now he’s bent on murder. There are spankings, of course, and some BDSM (light), and it all takes place in Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the millennium, 2000. It’s a sci-fi, kinda-sorta time travel, erotic, spanking romance. You don’t need to have read any of the other Romantek books to understand this one, although, as with all series, reading other books in the series adds to your enjoyment.

I’ll reveal the cover here on the blog in the coming weeks, and will, of course share the release with you.