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First Course – The Amuse Bouche

Raven’s Cry (The Darkness Series, Book 3) (by Breanna Hayse) — Raven’s hunger to submit grows to the point of obsession. Don’t miss this dark BDSM novel.

His Winter Princess (by Adaline Raine) — Can Clay and Audra find a relationship or will his make-believe princess walk away?

renee rose - Medieval Discipline coverSecond Course – The Appetizer

Do you like box sets? Because I’ve come across one you won’t want to miss. Renee Rose has recently come out with a single-author anthology of three novellas, historical spanking romances. All together, it’s nearly 250 pages of yummy, sexy medieval romances, in the imitable style of Renee Rose. For $4.99, you can’t beat the price, nor will you find highter quality spanking romances anywhere. The set is called Medieval Discipline: A Medieval Romance Collection. Don’t miss these wonderful books – make them an early Christmas present for yourself.

Third Course – The Entrée

As you know by now, Surface: Sonata’s Moon Book One is now available at your favorite ebook retailers. What you might not realize is that it’s the first half of an ongoing story (well, duh, you can kind of tell that it goes on because it’s “book one”), but what’s significant about it is the “Surface” part of the title.

The book is about some twenty-somethings, living in the not-too-distant future, where a terrible war is plaguing the planet. It’s the North American Union (basically Canada, the US, and Mexico, but governed all by one body) versus the Assian Alliance (several Asian countries, tied together under one ruler). The war escalates to an awful nuclear precipice. The people in the story are losing friends and their whole way of life to this war.

In the meantime, drugs have become legal for those over the age of majority, and “free love” has cycled back in place – I’ve seen cycles in history, and I’m sure you have, too. People pair off rather easily and it’s socially acceptable, generally speaking. However, our heroine, Sonata McLir, has held herself apart, primarily from bad experiences in school, but also because she’s been very busy studying and hasn’t spent time socializing. When she finally breaks out of her shell, she finds herself with Charles Howell, a man who isn’t good for her. Charles’ best friend, Mikhail Andropov is attracted to Sonata, but he takes a hands-off approach because of his friend’s “claim” on the woman. However, Mikhail is troubled by what he sees Charles doing, manipulating Sonata to become jaded and submissive beyond what her natural tendencies seem to be. Charles hurts her, and Mikhail can’t stand that. He steps in when a good opportunity arises, and soon Sonata finds she’s lost her freedom for a weekend to Mikhail. She’d intended to spend that time with Charles, and now that hope is gone. And all because of Mikhail’s interference.

Sonata's Moon-150x225You have to wonder if this new twist on the Sonata/Charles/Mikhail triangle will lead to happiness for someone, and misery for someone else. But that’s what I want you to wonder! You’ll find out in book one. But there’s still the war to consider.

That’s where book two comes in. There’s an underground shelter, a place where this collection of friends can wait out the worst of things. But how will this close confinement affect these people? And who will end up with Sonata at the end of the sojourn underground? Or, more accurately, who will Sonata love when it all comes down to survival?

This is a serial set, meaning you’ll want to read both books. Book one ends on a good note (for the most part), but book two takes up where book one leaves off. It’s not like a series where the books are made to stand alone. I think you’ll find the ending of book one upbeat and hopeful, but you might wonder if these people will actually survive and thrive in their new world. Each book is full-length, over 60,000 words long.

So that’s what you didn’t know: there’s more after book one.

You can get book one, Surface, here. And read an extended excerpt, there. Try it. You’ll like it.

Fourth Course – The Dessert

The Book Gourmet will be on hiatus for the next three weeks as I celebrate my twentieth wedding anniversary by going on vacation with my husband to Las Vegas. We’ll be there for the holiday season, staying at the Venetian Hotel. We’ve stayed there before and really love the all-suite hotel, its amenities, and the services we can get without leaving the property. There are lots of restaurants shared by the Venetian and its sister property the Palazzo, and entertainment venues, nightclubs, and places to meet interesting people, including a very nice poker room for Hubby. We’ll see a few shows there and at other resorts, and soak up the atmosphere. Some Los Angeles friends will be coming to visit us while we’re there, and that will be fun. We’ve never spent the holidays in Las Vegas before, so in many ways, this will be a whole new experience for us, though (being from Los Angeles) we’ve both been to Vegas many, many times.

Instead of doing The Book Gourmet while I’m there, I thought I’d share some pictures and tidbits from our vacation. Something a little more personal than the usual. I hope you enjoy our travels with us.

Until then, happy holidays, and a bright, healthy and happy new year to you.


34 number 46142711_sHello, friends. I can hardly believe it. Surface: Sonata’s Moon – Book One is my thirty-fourth published book. It’s stunning to realize that I’ve been at this part-time since 1993, and full-time since 2010, and have come so far. Most of my published books and short stories have come during this full-time period. All have been romances of one sort or another, but they range the romance gamut from spanking romance, to straight romance, to BDSM romance. And they include all kinds of genres from contemporary, to historical, to sci-fi. It seems to me, that if you’re a romance lover, you can find something I’ve written and find it satisfying.

A moment to talk about quality. I want you to know that I strive, above all, to produce quality books. You won’t find lots of typos, word abuse, poor grammar, or spelling problems with my books. It is a troubling matter that there are so many writers out there who slap a cover on an unedited book and call it “done.” While I appreciate the notion that anyone now has access to methods to publish their books, I’m not 100% certain it’s a good thing. But who would we designate as the gatekeeper? Therein lies the rub. If a writer doesn’t go through a publisher, there is no gatekeeper and it’s up to that author to take the steps to make sure their book is a quality product. Those steps are expensive and many self-published writers can’t afford it.

And then we get into the realm of pricing. I am not comfortable with the proliferation of self-published books offered free or for 99 cents. Why? Because I think it gives readers the mistaken but natural impression that books take nothing to produce. That’s definitely not true. It takes many hours, a lot of creativity, and hard work to produce a good book, and yes, money. I don’t believe in gouging readers for ebooks over $4.99, but when you consider all the costs of creating a good book, and factor in the national minimum wage, $4.99 is a darn good price. My books average $3.99.

That being said, many readers don’t care about the quality of the books they’re reading. They want reading material for as cheap as they can get it, and only later do they consider the source. I can understand that. I don’t like to spend more than I have to for the books I read. Occasionally, you get a gem for a short-term sale price, and although it’s rare, it’s mighty nice. We must share our special finds (no matter their price) with our friends. Word of mouth spreads a good book faster than a megaphone at the circus.

Sonata's-Moon-300x450Surface: Sonata’s Moon – Book One is, as I said, my thirty-fourth book. The thirty-fifth, Sanctuary: Sonata’s Moon – Book Two will be published in early 2016 (it’s already written). Who knows what 2016 will bring, but I promise you, it will be sexy, romantic, and something you’ll want to read twice. If you’d like to read an extended excerpt of Surface, you will find it on my website, here.

Thank you for following along with me as I walk down this path. I can’t imagine having done anything else with the last five years. It is my job to entertain you, and I take it seriously. I hope you can tell from my books.

Come back tomorrow for The Book Gourmet, wherein I’ll feature some great books and some tidbits about what’s up with me. Ta-ta for now!

book gourmet

First Course – The Amuse Bouche

The Girl from Christmas (by Georgia St. Claire) — Lisa’s rescuer is a handsome, somewhat loopy, Italian man waving a sword.

Claiming His Human Wife (by Sue Lyndon) — Can Edwin the Crigon get his mortal wife home safe?

Second Course – The Appetizer

My congratulations go out to my colleagues who have been nominated for the 2016 Golden Flogger Awards, sponsored by BDSM Writers Con. Some of those nominated are: Katherine Deane (for 2 books), Cara Bristol, Maggie Ryan & Laurel Jane, Maddie Taylor, and Darling Adams. I wish each of them the best of luck. If you readers have other authors (spanking fiction, BDSM of various flavors) you’d like to see nominated, you can go here to do so. The books nominated must be published in 2015.

Third Course – The Entrée

I’m coming closer to making a work plan for my 2016. It includes teaching through the mentoring program at Savvy Authors. Teaching is something I find very rewarding. I love being in contact with authors who want a little input from someone who’s been-there-done-that. Since I’ve been in this business since 1993, I’ve pretty much seen it all. As well, I have regular material to impart pertaining to the industry and writing composition. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.

I will also be working on some short stories. I have no plan to publish them through the usual channels, but I’ve been wanting to work on them, regardless of the way they fit (or don’t fit) into the standard niches. I might publish them to my website, but I haven’t made a decision yet. These will be casual projects without deadlines.

So far, that’s my 2016 plan: light but fun. I’ll be tinkering with it through the end of 2015.

Fourth Course – The Dessert

I got a look at the cover art for Surface (Sonata’s Moon Book One). It’s amazing, with a red/gold theme and a gorgeous cover model that looks just like my Sonata. I can’t reveal it to you; I’m going to surprise you when the book is published. I’m told that will be “this week” sometime. Decadent Publishing is being very mysterious.

Following, is another tidbit from inside the book. In this segment, Sonata has inadvertently ingested a legal hallucinogen (times are different in the next century). She’s pretty loopy, but agrees to go upstairs with Mikhail, who is determined to put her to bed where she can sleep off the drug. Although he’s a bit lustful after her, he’s an honorable guy and wouldn’t take advantage of her like that. She’s his best friend Charles’s girl, which definitely influences his behavior. Here’s a part of their conversation before he tucks her in.

“…If you don’t want to be a virgin anymore, I know Charles would love to relieve your condition. And he’d only be the first in line to offer.” And if Charles is foolish enough to decline, I would happily take his place.

“But he’s so experienced. And almost ten years older.” She licked her lips, and Mikhail had to shake himself mentally. “I just know he’d laugh at me if I told him.” Her eyes lit with sudden eagerness. “Would you tell him for me?”

Mikhail’s jaw dropped. “No. That’s up to you. But if you want my advice….”

Sonata bobbed her head several times.

“Tell him before you agree to share with him. He’ll be gentler with you and teach you what you ought to know.”

The turn of this conversation was so odd Mikhail suppressed a laugh. After this, he’d be the last man to claim any understanding of women. It made no sense this sweet little virgin would be so interested in a jaded cynic like Charles.

“I guess you’re right.” She beamed and giggled. “You’re pretty nice, you know. For a man I mean. Most of them would have tried to…well, you know. That’s why I haven’t taken any drugs before. I need to be cleverer than they are.”

“I’ll bet you do. But, though you may think I’ve forgotten the fact, I am a man, and I believe there may be a woman waiting for me downstairs. So, unless you’ve decided to get cured right here and now, I’m going to go. Why don’t you just lie down like a good girl and let the Cerepause wear off.” It was a command, not a question.

You’ll laugh out loud at what happens next, but that will have to wait until the book is in your hands.