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Patricia Green Spanking RomanceI’m pleased to share with you the September issue of BTSeMag. BTS is the authors’ PR firm who handles my books. Their magazine highlights a host of great authors with every issue. This month’s magazine focuses on erotica and erotic romances. You’ll find all kinds of cool things inside, including a couple of pages devoted to my spanking romances.

They’ll be handling an upcoming blog tour for me. That will start on Monday, Sept. 10. I’ll provide you with my tour stops and giveaway information on Monday.

In the meantime, enjoy BTSeMag. It’s over on my sidebar —>. Click to open to full size.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. That is wonderful, Patricia! I’m going to check it out right now. Can’t wait to see what fantastic things they have to say about your work!

  2. hey there. saw your post notification pop up on my facebook notifications (how did you do that?) anyway, i thought i’d check out the magazine and can’t seem to find their directly url / link. thought i’d flip through it.

  3. That is awesome!! I look forward to reading the months to come also. 😉

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