#SatSpanks – The Professor Tries Aversion Therapy

Saturday Spankings

I love these Saturday hops! There’s so much spanking, sensual, erotic, and downright corrective. Today, I’m offering a little piece of my current WIP (draft is done, yay!), Teaching Miss McGillicutty. In this segment, young and gorgeous Professor Hal Emory is teaching college student Kathy McGillicutty the thornier side of aversion therapy. They’re working together to try to deter Kathy from smoking, and this is their first session.

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She slowly draped herself over the desk, lifting her skirt up to her waist in the back. Her face flamed right down her long, slender neck. Kathy’s short hair bobbed as she pressed her face to the desk. She wore skimpy, white panties sporting the words “Ho, Ho, Ho” with small, colorful Christmas trees dotting the seat. A book slid off a stack on the desk and landed with a small thump on the worn rug.

The air in the room went still. Several long moments passed. It was time to get started.

P.S.: Despite her panties, this is not a holiday story.

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