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Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! A whole slew of spanking fiction authors are offering 8 sentence of red-bottomed goodness for you, each and every Saturday. Here’s my offering for this week.

Cover: Daughter of the Moon, Book 1This segment is from one of my earliest books, Daughter of the Moon: Book 1, Surface . It’s a sci-fi (speculative), erotic romance (that needs a new cover, LOL). It has all kinds of kinky elements, and hints of kinky elements. There’s something for everyone, I think. Here on my site, you can get an extended excerpt as well as the buy links. It’s available at the publisher’s site—Renaissance E Books—plus Amazon and other retailers.

Early in my career, I wasn’t above breaking the “romance rules” a bit. Here’s a segment between Sonata (our heroine) and Charles (our nemesis). They have an erotic relationship, but Sonata is a bit put out by a new thing: spankings. This is only six sentences and the book is not spanking-focused, but that’s within the rules.

Within seconds, Sonata found herself overturned on Charles lap, the short skirt of purple serpentine pushed high above her buttocks, as he spanked her bare bottom and thighs harshly, counting loudly as she screeched, then cried, then threatened. When the twelfth smack was complete, Sonata slid off to the floor and glared at Charles, humiliated. Tears ran down her red cheeks. Oh how she was her mother’s daughter! This leaf hadn’t fallen far from the tree, isn’t that how it was said? Her self-disgust new no bounds in that singular, confusing, painfully ugly moment in time.

I hope you enjoy this little look at a book published over 10 years ago. My head was in a pretty different place then. It’s fun to see the progression.

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  1. Loved this excerpt, and the sci fi geek in me loves the cover too! 🙂

  2. Loved this! I love Sonata’s reaction ;o)

  3. What an achievement Trish. Ten years wow.I loved your snippet 🙂

  4. Too bad this was the only spanking in the book. I want more! How about a re-write for your spanko friends? Nice snippet. I wonder where we will be in 10 years from now? Still enjoying Saturday Spankings I hope.

  5. I agree that rules are made to be broken. 🙂 Wonderful snippet.

  6. Love the range of emotion.

  7. Love the humiliation that goes along with this. I like to look at my old stuff – NOT! I hate it! This was great!

  8. rules were only made to be broken 😀 love the snippet… the detail of the short skirt is great 😀

  9. Ooooh, You rule breaker you! 😉

    Love it!

  10. When it was over and she slid to the floor, glaring at Charles. I think Sonata is feisty and this story sounds like it’s packed with some thrilling actions.
    Love it, great snippet Patricia.

  11. Twelve smacks, and I know there are more coming. She is certainly her mother’s daughter! 🙂

  12. Great snippet! I’m so glad you broke the rules (I haven’t learn to count to exactly eight myself yet). I’m looking forward to doing some more reading here.

  13. What a fun idea to go back into the archives and take a look at one of your early books. This scene was very emotional. Nice job.

  14. Rules are made to be broken!
    Great snippet, I bet you raised a few eyebrows with that.

  15. I like the name Sonata. Neat, fresh name. Was there a special reason for choosing it?

    • I wrote the book in about 1995, then buried it. The original heroine’s name was “Mistie.” When I dug the book out to revise it, I realized how trite that name was, so I changed it. “Sonata” popped into my head (I think I was listening to a very old recording of Van Cliburn playing something) and whammo! I knew that was the perfect name. I’m really glad I changed it.

  16. Yup, getting spanked by the nemesis probably broke some rules, but then again, she didn’t enjoy it. Also characters shouldn’t be black and white, and it’s possible even for the heroine to feel something for the nemesis, but the hero should be primary in her lust and love. Loved the snippet, Trish.

  17. The snippet showed great emotion though. But, wow, 10 years. Woo hoo! Congrats 😀

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