Saturday Spankings – Audrey Gets a Little TLC

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Saturday Spankings

Presented at CBS Radio this week, I’m going to share a segment from my chart-topping book, The Winner: Romantek Book One with readers today. I hope it intrigues you enough to cause you to investigate further.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneIn this section, our contest winner, Audrey, has made a big, preventable boo-boo and waltzed into a saloon where she doesn’t belong in 1850. Her new beau, White Star Smith, gets her out of trouble, but he also spanks her for being so reckless. After the spanking, he holds her in his arms and lets her get over the experience.

“You c’n get up anytime.”

Desire to stay in his lap and feel his strong arms around her for a while longer warred with embarrassment and peevishness. Desire won for a few more minutes. Audrey rested her head on his shoulder. It had been years since she’d had a good cry like that. Although her fanny smarted, it had been cathartic. So many frustrations were lightened in those few short minutes. He smelled so good and his shirt was so soft under her cheek. A feeling of rightness soughed through her. She hadn’t felt this precious and cosseted since she’d been a little girl in her father’s lap. Of course, he’d never spanked her beforehand; he mended skinned knees first.

Spanking is more than a hot fanny. It can bring people closer together. Read more to find out how that happens in this virtual reality, time-travel romance.

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