Saturday Spankings – How Much Aversion Therapy Does It Take?

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Saturday Spankings

Hiya! It’s Saturday Spankings day, once again. I didn’t participate last week, but I’m back for another go today!

Cover: Correcting KathyThe following segment comes from Correcting Kathy, my madcap spanking romance about Kathy McGillicutty and Professor Hal Emory. In this snippet, Kathy is volunteering to try aversion therapy again. She been trying to quit smoking, and they’ve already tried it once. She’s thinking they ought to try it again. Of course, her deep attraction to her yummy professor has nothing to do with it. (You believe that, don’t you?)

Kathy starts off the dialogue here.

“I won’t know till we try it again. It might take more than that.”

“How much more?”

Kathy shrugged, wondering what was wrong with her. She was asking the man to spank her, more than once. It was an awkward position to be in…for both of them. He was sure to shoot her down verbally.

But he didn’t.

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Thank you for dropping by today. I hope to see you again as I post through the week.

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7 Replies to “Saturday Spankings – How Much Aversion Therapy Does It Take?”

  • Well, one of the main ways to quit smoking is to find a distraction when you get a craving. I can’t think of anything more distracting than getting spanked.

  • ‘Aversion therapy’, I don’t know. Doesn’t really seem that way to me. I think she should go for it for sure, but I’m betting she wants a cigarette when he’s done.

  • Maybe spanking should be added to the list of smoking cessation services offered on the NHS. Might work as a reward for good behaviour though rather than aversion therapy. Just saying.

  • But he didn’t… leaving so much to the imagination and quandary for this snippet reader…

    (Advertising Campaign for your book): “Kathy tried Nicorette -both the gum and the patch and nothing worked until he spanked me”… This Book is on the National Cancer Institute’s Must Read list…

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