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If you’re here for the Spanking Romance A-Z Blog Challenge, I had to preempt that feature for a minute for this big announcement. The link to the “A” blog is at the bottom of this post. Thanks!

cover: eddie my love

New Release! New Release!

Eddie, My Love:Romantek Book3, is now available at Blushing Books and Amazon.

Come travel back in time, to those classy 50s, when cars were roomy, and Audrey Hepburn was a dish.

Here’s the story teaser.

Willow Camber wants to get away from it all. Her business has taken over her life, and none of the men she’s dated recently want her as a person rather than as a mega-corp. Her vacation plan is a time-travel, virtual reality trip into a film noire mystery–Bogie and Bacall writ large and in color–so different from the twenty-second century life she currently leads.

Eddie Reston needs a break from his hectic life, away from his nagging ex-wife. His passion is old novels about hard-boiled detectives of the 1950s. A Romantek virtual reality vacation is just the ticket for a guy like him, more an early Charles Bronson than a Cary Grant.

When Willow and Eddie meet to solve a murder mystery, their attraction is instant, even though Willow sometimes needs active correction. But Romantek forbids them to give away their true names during the vacation, so they can’t pair up in their own century. They struggle to find a way, but it remains elusive. Can Eddie and Willow cheat the Romantek system and set up a real life meeting, or will their new found love be lost when reality intrudes?

An excerpt is available here on my site, the first chapter is on Blushing Books for free, and Amazon has its “look inside” feature activated.

Thanks, and happy reading!

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  1. Congratulations on your release, Trish! I love this book and can’t wait to download my copy! You are on such a roll!

  2. Congratulations on the release.

  3. Love it, Love It. Love It. My favorite in this series so far.

  4. Congratulations, Patricia! Looks beautiful on my retina screen, BTW. And thank you.

  5. This looks like such a great book. Can’t wait to get started!

  6. Kathy Heare Watts

    So how do you feel when you read words with apostrophes when they’re indicative of an accent? Does it confuse you or carry you along to a different place or time?

    Great question and yes, living in East Tennessee, I fully understand. I actually worked at the Sheriff’s Dept in the early 90’+s and had to type from tapes of interviews and some of the detectives and suspects were so hicky you have to type words like youin’s ya’ll, etc. and that little mark does make the dialect!

    BTW, love your books! <3

    • Thank you for your comment, Kathy. I’ll apply it to the alphabet challenge contest. I’m really glad you enjoy my books. It makes creating them so much more enjoyable knowing that people get something out of the reading experience.

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