N is for Nature – #SatSpanks & A to Z Challenge

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Saturday Spankings

cover the blacksmith's brideWe’re in the midst of the Spanking Romance A to Z Challenge, and it’s Saturday Spankings day! Yay! Today, I’m going to cut right to the chase, with my post for “N is for Nature.” Here’s a segment from my recently released book, The Blacksmith’s Bride. This is part of the super duper box set, “The Sons of Johnny Hastings,” a compilation of five full historical romance novellas, by myself, Renee Rose, Maddie Taylor, Mary Wehr, and Patty Devlin. It’s only $9.99 for the whole set. That’s less than $2.00 per book!

In this snippet, Abel has just found out the Sunny told a whopping big lie that could get them both into deep trouble. He doesn’t cotton to lying and is taking it out on her behind. They’re outdoors on a picnic and, ostensibly, anyone could come along.

“Do you want to be shunned by the town?”


“Neither do I, but you’ve put us both in that position.” He reached out and pulled her over his lap. “Good girls don’t lie.”

“Stop it! This is outrageous! Let me go!”

“I’ll let you go after I’m sure you’re not goin’ to lie to me or your mother again.”

Lying is a sin. Bad Sunny, bad, bad, bad. I think she’ll pay a price for it, though.


If you’re participating in the Spanking Romance A-Z Challenge, Remember: One person who answers each day’s question in a comment for that day’s post will win a $26 Blushing Books gift certificate. You have to comment on all 26 posts to be eligible to win, but I’ve asked easy questions at the end of each short post, so it shouldn’t be onerous. If you’ve missed the previous posts, do a search on “Alphabet Challenge” in the search box at the bottom right of the site. All the posts will be listed for you and you can go back and participate.

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