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disciplinedownunder_full♫ S-s-s-Saturday Spankings! ♫

Without preamble, here’s a little piece of my recent release, Discipline Down Under, an Aussie outback spanking romance.

In this segment, Tripp has just caught Peggy up in a tree after being scared by a crocodile. Putting herself in danger by going near the water earns her a spanking. She’s preparing for it while Tripp is watching.

“Take the position, Peggy-girl. I don’t want to add spanks because ya were stubborn.”

That got her attention, but still she hesitated. Her cheeks got pink and her hands fumbled with the button of her pants.

“Peggy, yer digging yerself a hole here.”

She gave him a glare, but turned her back and started taking down her clothes. Tripp’s eyes locked onto her bum. Her perfect, heart-shaped rump.

How is his attraction to her going to play out? Because it’s clear he has one. Poor Tripp, Peggy is a handful.

If you’re interested in Tripp and Peggy’s outback adventure turned romance, here’s where you can buy the book: Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo and All Romance eBooks.

Now please hop along. For your hopping convenience:


  1. Glad he’s not too angry to admire her pretty rump. She on the other hand deserves a spanking if she went near crocodile infested waters! Great snippet Trish 🙂

  2. He does have his hands full if she was daring enough to glare. And is in trouble because he is attracted to her bum

  3. Oh! Very hot snippet. Glaring before a spanking is a bad thing. 😉

  4. There’s only one way she’s getting out of that hole and its requires a trip over his knee. She might as well face it. Nice snippet, Trish

  5. I totally feel the hesitation thing:)-

  6. I swear those hot Australian’s have no patience. LOL

  7. Glad you provided the glossary at the back. Are you sure they speak English, or is it the other way around. Good book

  8. I know that this is a spanking and all, but perfect, heart shape rump…that is so sweet!

  9. I’m betting he doesn’t mind having his hand full with that beautiful rump.

  10. Perfect, heart-shaped rump. Keeper! 🙂

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