Saturday Spankings – A Bedtime Story

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Saturday Spankings

Once upon a time, there was Saturday Spankings. All the little authors lined up and gave eight-sentence teasers for their stories. Readers came and liked the teasers. Everyone lived happily ever after.

That’s one version anyway. Try this one:

Cover: Handling StormyOnce upon a time, there were Stormy and Jeff…

Stormy and Jeff were wildly attracted to one another, but Stormy couldn’t quite understand her out-of-character behavior on their first night together.

They’d done it twice more in the night, and now, the next morning, she recalled how he’d made her come by spanking her ass while he had mounted her from behind. She’d been so excited at the time that she’d actually liked it. How weird and perverse was that? That’s how she’d gotten that pink tush. What had she done?

Still a little bemused from exhausted sleep, the whole wonderful experience had seemed like a dream the next morning. But it wasn’t a dream. She’d gone to bed with a man who was virtually a stranger and had let him, no, encouraged him to spank her.

The end.

Okay, not quite the end. That was a bit from Handling Stormy. You can get the whole story here: Blushing Books, all ebook formats are available. You can send it to yourself as easily as typing in your device address from your downloads screen at the Blushing site. Or pop on over to Amazon and pick up a copy there.

Hop along to the other authors’ teasers and see what their storybooks look like.

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