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I’m really excited about this book. It’ll be available for pre-order in October for a November 1, 2014, delivery. More to come as the time progresses, including snippets and more! The fantastic cover was rendered by The Cover Artisan.

So, I give you: Nina Stanley (played by Mirish@deviantart) and Michael O’Malley (spy and sudden slave owner).

Cover: The Slave Girls and the Spy


  1. I’m excited about this book too. Glad I got a sneak peek.

  2. Love your cover, Trish! Great, sexy guy and a very sci-fi feel. The man reminds me so much of an actor whose name is on the tip of my mind and I can’t figure it out! Ugggg! oh, got it! James Denton who used to play Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives. Hunky! Congratulations! Can’t wait for the release!

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