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Cover: Journey's End
Journey’s End
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About four hours after he’d fallen asleep, Ace Journey woke up naturally. He never slept long, but always woke refreshed. It was dark outside, and ghostly moonbeams from gaps in the window drapes touched the furnishings. It was 5:00 AM and time to get busy for the day. Work on the ranch started early.

He switched on a bedside light and looked over at his sleeping wife. Gabby was uncovered, lying on her stomach, as she was wont to do after a serious spanking. Though her bottom had been bright red after he’d taken her over his lap the night before, it was pristine white now, unblemished and pleasantly curvy where it peeked out from under her very short nightie.

The erection he almost always awoke with throbbed and ached for her. It seemed like he never got enough of her sweet body and mischievous ways. And today was her birthday: twenty-three. He’d given her a birthday spanking just after midnight to celebrate. They’d followed that up with something erotic and had gone to sleep curled up together. These were moments he didn’t want to give up, and he was afraid of what they were going to embark upon. Afraid it would change their relationship forever.

Ace wasn’t used to jealousy and he tamped it down firmly. It was wrong to anticipate it and self-destructive. They’d made an agreement, an agreement he approved of. It was right, it was appropriate, it was something he wanted. It was time.

As he watched Gabby breathe gently there on the twisted sheets, he realized that the changes he anticipated, the ones that went along with having children, would be another worthwhile life experience. He wanted children. Gabby was eager for them. Sharing her with them was inevitable and he could deal with it. The idea of a passel of naughty little Gabbys running around the ranch made him smile.

He turned to her and glided a hand over her firm bottom and up her flank until he was tangling his fingers in her long, wavy chestnut hair. She sighed and slowly reached behind her, looking for the warm body that pressed up against her. Gabby found his hard prick and gripped him.

“Good morning,” she mumbled softly.

“Gettin’ better every minute,” he whispered against the back of her neck.

Stroking him, she pressed her bottom back against him more firmly. Her hand was doing wicked things to him. He didn’t want to take her slow and careful like the night before. He wanted her hard, writhing beneath him. And the idea of taking her bareback affected him as well. He hadn’t had a woman without a condom since he lost his virginity some twenty-four years ago. There had only been the one time, too, a moment of overwhelming hormones and teenage frenzy. He’d been lucky that time, and had used protection ever since. So many years of wrapping his dick in latex before burying it deep in a lover’s pussy. The sensation of taking his lover, his precious wife, completely naked made him all the more eager. Like being that teenage boy again, though he was no longer a green boy at nearly forty-one.

Ace disengaged from her hand and rolled her over onto her back, easing her out of her nightie as he did. She was so beautiful, his Gabby. So young and firm, padded in all the right places. She had a loving, loyal heart and joyful spirit as well. She’d make a wonderful mother. He only hoped he could do his part as well as she.

As he moved to kneel between her thighs, Gabby smiled up at him and reached out to caress his thick biceps. Hard work on the ranch kept him in shape and he knew he’d be like his father, hard and lean for life. He had a trick knee, due to bull-riding in his youth, but it was a minor thing that didn’t slow him down. Ace wouldn’t let it.

He spread Gabby’s knees and stabilized his position, moving his hands up her soft stomach to her breasts. Kneading her breasts until she moaned, Ace pinched her nipples, his excitement burning him up from inside.

She smiled and tossed her head, murmuring encouragement.

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