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Hello, friends. It’s 2017. How do you feel about this new beginning? Ready to step over the carcass of 2016 and move on? What have you got planned for this year?

I make my plans for the year ahead at the end of the previous year, so for 2017, I made my plans in December, 2016. One of my goals is to write three books in 2017. Two will be part of the Virtue, Arizona, Series (stories about Faith, Hope, and Mercy), and I’d also like to write a book set in ancient Rome. I’ve done extensive studying on the period and think I’m about ready to write something set there. I may write more than three books, but my plan is for a minimum of three.

I’m also going to be taking a Master Class from Chef Gordon Ramsay, and completing several other college-level classes on various topics. I’m an inveterate learner and love to study literature, history, and biology in particular.

In 2017 I’ll also be doing some crafting, mainly cross stitch and knitting. I find it relaxing and it flexes other creative muscles.

I hope that whatever you do in 2017, you’ll be doing it with gusto and enthusiasm. I wish you the best.

memorial day 17533471_sSummer is almost upon us again. How the years pass by, faster and faster as I get older. I think that’s because I have so many other years’ memories to compare.

Today is Memorial Day in the US. A day to recognize those who gave their lives to protect American interests worldwide. Although I had a father and have a brother who both served in the US Army, I never lost anyone valorously. It’s something I can be grateful for. I remember how worried my mother and I were about my brother in Viet Nam, where he was with the Army Corps of Engineers. After the fact, we saw pictures of his living conditions and some of the things he experienced and I can tell you, I was pretty glad I hadn’t seen them while he was there. I was frightened enough.

I hope you get a chance to honor the fallen today, and that you can make the time to do so more than one day out of the year. If you can visit a national cemetery and leave flowers on a grave, that would be splendid. Even if a parade is your destination, you can show your respect for those who sacrificed for your way of living. And, if your way of commemorating the fallen is to have a family picnic and spend a few minutes talking about Great Uncle John who died in WWII, that’s wonderful, too.

Enjoy the beginning of “summer” (though that doesn’t really start for almost a month); have a great Memorial Day!


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All characters depicted on this blog are adults. You should be an adult, too. If you’re not 18+, please find entertainment somewhere else. Thank you.

Saturday Spankings

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but it’s a whole weekend of romance this year. Did you know there is an old tradition of getting spankings from your honey on that day?

Well, no there’s not. But I propose we start one!

In the meantime, join me for Saturday Spankings, were a slew of terrific writers share 8 sentences from their books or WIP. This week, in honor of Valentines Day, I’m sharing a snippet from my latest release, Journey’s Valentine, available now at Blushing Books (all formats). This book was originally posted on Bethany’s Woodshed but had finally made its way onto big, bad, Blushing where anyone can pick it up for a pittance. 🙂

journeys-valentine-fullIn this segment, things lead to bad mojo between Pilar and Deuce. It started off with her yelling at him and calling him names.

Her vituperation had gone beyond Deuce’s patience level. “I have feelings, and you’re stomping all over them with hobnail boots, Pilar. You need to get control of yourself or I’m going to paddle your behind and maybe get some sense into you.”

She shouted her response. “You think that solves everything, don’t you! Give Pilar a spanking and the whole world is right again! Well, I’m not going to calm down. I’m upset, and if you had any compassion you’d understand!”

“Over the top” doesn’t begin to describe Pilar’s behavior. Have you ever felt the way Pilar does here?

When Pilar has a terrible tantrum and leaves him, Deuce Journey is brokenhearted.
Can a little Valentines candy heart be the answer to their prayers?

I’m glad to see you hopping through Saturday Spankings. There’s much more to enjoy.

For your hopping convenience: