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First Course – The Amuse Bouche

Kiki’s Millionaire (by Patricia Green): “He steps in to help her and something happens that lights up the night like a neon cupid.”

Hooked (Decadence Nights, Book 1) (by Maddie Taylor): “Hopelessly oblivious to what has been staring them in the face for three long years, Joseph and Olivia continue their aimless search for love until one night, while a storm brews outside another rages inside as their paths converge at Club Decadence.”

cassie's ordeal PK CoreySecond Course — The Appetizer

Whether you’ve been following the Cassie books throughout, or you’ve never heard of them, you’ll find the latest of these wonderful stories sharp, sassy, and satisfying. They’re spanking romances with a tender heart. In book seven, Cassie’s adventures take on a darker tone when she disappears. Her loving husband, Tom, hardly knows what to do. What if the police can’t find her or save her from being harmed?

You can pick up a copy of Cassie’s Ordeal by PK Corey at Amazon today.

Third Course — The Entrée

Don’t miss your chance to play The Name Game and name one of the characters in the novel I’m working on now. To play, simply follow along with my blog tour, leaving your name and email address on each day’s posts on various blogs. Simple as that. One person who comments the most will get to name one of the more colorful of the characters in the book. If you think you have a wild and crazy name for a drag queen (yes, really), comment with your own name and email address. If you also happen to be a subscriber to my blog/newsletter list (see above, right), you’ll get to name TWO characters! Imagine seeing your ideas in my book. You’ll get a free copy of the novel as well. So go here for daily updates to the blogs to visit. The contest closes on Saturday the 29th at noon EDT. Good luck!

Fourth Course — The Dessert

So last week I was in Banff with my husband and one of my daughters. We had a splendid time. Now I’m back to work, still gathering info and doing research on the murder mystery erotic romance I’m working on. This book has to be well researched and carefully plotted out. Murder mysteries take a lot of planning and forethought. After so many years of spanking romances and sci-fi romances, some of which have had the mystery theme, it’s fun to try something a bit more focused that will, hopefully, catapult me to fame and fortune. Well…maybe get me closer anyway. Once I get the book written, I might ask my blog subscribers to give it a good title. If you haven’t signed up for the blog/newsletter subscription, now’s a good time.

Wishing you all the best of weekends!

Six of the Best-450Hello, and welcome to another installment of the weekly blog hop, Six of the Best. It’s a hop open to all genres, so you can read a wide variety of entries each and every Sunday. It’s new, so just getting up to speed, but you can enjoy it as it grows.

Cover: Kiki's MillionaireFor my entry this week, I’m sharing six paragraphs from Kiki’s Millionaire, one of my earliest spanking romances. This tells the story of Kiki MacKenzie, famous tech geek Jim Chesterfield, and Kiki’s lack of self-discipline. It all starts with a computer malfunction in a coffee shop…

“You need a good spanking.”

She snorted, this time not even trying to cover it up. “Good luck with that, Mister James Chesterfield.”

Grinning, his confidence didn’t slip a hair. “What’s your name?”

Kiki thought about the safety of telling him for a moment. He wouldn’t be a stalker; he was too prominent for that. “Kiki Mackenzie.”

“Well, Miss Kiki Mackenzie,” he said. “I’ll recover your file if you’ll agree to go out with me three times.”

The file was important. Her boss, Ted Keeting, had made it very clear that one more late project and she was out the door. She only had an hour—no, forty-five minutes—to get it where it needed to go. “Three times?”

Hop along to the other participants’ sites. You might meet someone new!

Hop here:

book gourmetFirst Course – The Amuse Bouche

The Delicate Matter of Lady Blayne (by Natasha Blackthorne): “Somewhere between madness and desire lies bliss.”

Unacceptable Behavior (by Morganna Williams): “Come here little girl, we have things to discuss you and I.”

Correcting the Coeds Available Now Promo1Second Course — The Appetizer

College campuses, circa 1950, were not a place feminists found friendly. In fact, they could be downright male dominated. Imagine that! In this new collection of books by Cara Bristol, Celeste Jones, Renee Rose, and Sue Lyndon, get a taste from that I Love Lucy-style “men are men and women are nervous” tension that leads to spankalicious fun. Correcting the Coeds was released on August 16; it’s waiting for you now.

Third Course — The Entrée

If you missed it, you might want to read my article about the PC trend to muffle artists under the blanket of “cultural appropriation.” If you’ve ever worn an Indian headdress for a costume, a Mexican serape, or a Madras tunic, and you don’t belong in those societies, you’re guilty of stealing someone else’s culture. I give that some thought in my article here.

lake minnewanka banff 12343046_sFourth Course — The Dessert

I’m away in Banff this week, though still working (as you can see). This is a partial week spent with one of my daughters, playing tourist and taking in the hot springs and the gorgeous mountain vistas. It’s not a long jaunt from Calgary to Banff, but I’d never been before. My husband had to be here for a conference, so it was a natural thing to tag along. While he’s working, my daughter and I are playing! Today, a naturalist boat tour of Lake Minnewanka and a purely Canadian Rockies dinner at a nearby lodge. I’ll be back to Calgary on Friday evening. Look for a post for Six of the Best on Sunday.