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If you’d like to meet new authors whose themes are similar to mine; if you’d like to follow my blog posts including announcements of free short stories and new releases; if you’d like to win stuff from time to time, including gift certificates and ARC copies of new books, then sign up for announcements by email. It’s double opt-in, so you’re in total control. You can unsubscribe anytime (though I hope you don’t). I will never sell my mail list. And you don’t even need to give a name! If you’ve already signed up, thank you! Tell your friends about this opportunity. Support an author.

Sign up and be happy.



  1. I think I already signed up I love your books have read every one and am very excited to read this one My favs is the Journey series I miss them

  2. I think you did sign up, Jenna. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m already signed up, but I Tweeted and Shared on FB. 🙂

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