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Cover: Blue Eyes-JAHello and welcome! Behind Blue Eyes is Jordan Abbott’s latest installment in the “Hells Vipers” series. It’s getting lots of 4 and 5 ★ reviews. The warning on Amazon says, “This is an erotic novel about a one percent motorcycle club known as the Hells Vipers. It contains sex, interracial relationships, violence and even kinkier sex.” Woo! Scorching!

Jordan had the grace to answer a question for me.

Patricia: How did you come up with the title?

Jordan: My novel plays like a movie in my head. The intenseness with blue eyes Nuke, it seemed like an obvious choice.

Patricia: I get a movie in my head, too, Jordan. Often, it’s only a matter of transcribing it. I love it when that happens.

Here’s a summary of the plot for Behind Blue Eyes:

When Nuke’s brother shows up at the Hells Vipers Motorcycle Club, he brings trouble with him, in more ways than one. Holden was always the good son, or so Nuke’s family thought, but Nuke knows some things his mother and sister don’t. The love of Nuke’s life, Jasmine, knows something is wrong as soon as Holden comes back into Nuke’s life. As Nuke struggles with the responsibilities that have come with his new position in the Hells Vipers, Holden’s presence threatens to undermine his position and his relationship.

Life’s gotten difficult for other members of the club, too. Hells Vipers full patch member Kevin has given up his position in the club in the aftermath of a betrayal that has left him bitter, and Pipe looks for love as he copes with a dangerous crush.

Meanwhile, just what is Holden up to? And can Nuke and Jasmine survive what’s in store when Nuke’s blood relative comes into their lives as they’re trying to form a family of their own?

And here’s a rockin’ excerpt:

Detective Lauer bent down even farther. He leaned forward until he was inches away from Nuke’s face. It was a brave move for a little man. Handcuffed or not, he could still kick his ass. “I read your rap sheet, Jason Stuart. I don’t like you.”

“Don’t feel bad. A lot of people don’t like me,” Nuke said as he cracked a smile and winked at him.

“I’m personally going to make sure that you get thrown so far into the hole, you won’t remember what daylight is!”

“You do know that solitary confinement isn’t truly a hole? That’s just an expression. Back in the day you could throw a prisoner in a hole but us criminals got rights now,” Nuke said and grinned again.

“Fuck you, Stuart.”

“You should keep your sexual fantasies about me to yourself,” Nuke shot back.

Detective Lauer stood back up and motioned to one of the patrolmen. “Take this piece of shit downtown, and don’t worry, biker boy. I’m going to make sure the ATF, DEA and any other three-letter government agency is aware that we got us a Hells Vipers on a first-degree murder charge and attempted sexual assault.”

Wanna buy this hot book? Go here for satisfaction.

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All characters depicted on this blog are adults. You should be an adult, too. If you’re not 18+, please find entertainment somewhere else. Thank you.

Saturday Spankings

cover the blacksmith's brideIt’s almost Christmas! Are you ready? I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do celebrate the solstice, in my own fashion, so we put some lights up to scare away the darkness. Fortunately, this does not involve ladders and roofs.

For today’s Saturday Spanking, I’m sharing a bit from The Blacksmith’s Bride, my book from “The Sons of Johnny Hastings” box set. These books, and The Blacksmith’s Bride are historical westerns. In this segment, Abel is spanking Sunny, and he finds out something unexpected.

Sobbing, low and plaintive, gave him pause. He nearly stopped, but her bottom was barely red, and only in spots, bright blotches of color muted by the gloom of the shed. Abel was distracted by the sound and his aim was off, so he caught her between the legs instead of on the bottom proper. The sound was muffled, not the sharp slap that proved her bottom was target. Instead, she sounded wet. How could that be? He wanted to touch her there, to find out whether she truly was excited by this situation, by her bare behind showing blatantly and the heat on her backside. Had all of that been titillating for her?

I hope you have a lovely Saturday and that your last-minute shopping is not stressful. Happy Holidays!

Hop here next:

Bared Cover-kdHi, everyone! As part of an ongoing series of personal introductions, I’d like you to meet Kallista Dane, author of Bared by the Billionaire. Kallista is the author of more than ten sexy romances, now available at Amazon and other distributors.

As an author of erotic romances, Kallista gets her inspiration from all kinds of places and experiences, but she was kind enough to answer that question in some detail for me.

Patricia: Where do you find inspiration for your stories? When you write do you ever model characters after actual people?

Kallista: I write about strong, successful women and the even-stronger men they’re drawn to, sometimes in spite of themselves. I think there’s a little of me in every one of my heroines.

As for inspiration, I got the title for one of my favorite books driving down the highway. I saw a hand-lettered sign with an arrow pointing down a dirt road. “Moonshine Creek.” We were heading to Asheville, NC where moonshine distilleries are becoming very popular. I didn’t have to plot that one. The characters just told me their story.

But my best inspiration comes from my husband. He makes up great scenes – and then acts them out with me on our date nights. I’m a very lucky woman!

Here’s a bit about Bared by the Billionaire.

Kyra Thornton is in serious trouble. Her former boss has disappeared after stealing every dime from the company’s trust account and framing her for the theft, so when the FBI offers her a way to prove her innocence and escape prosecution, she hesitantly agrees. All she has to do is go undercover, take a job working for billionaire technology entrepreneur Jake Harmon, and find evidence to prove the FBI’s claims that he masterminded the crime.

There’s just one catch: Jake is a Dom, and he’s looking for someone who can be both a financial officer for his company and the perfect sub for him. Kyra has never been a sub—or wished to be one—but under the circumstances she is left with little choice, and she soon finds herself stripped bare and on her knees awaiting Jake’s every command. To make matters worse, her new master quickly proves more than ready to punish any disobedience with a long, hard, deeply humiliating spanking.

But to Kyra’s shock, Jake’s firm-handed dominance and skillful mastery of her body leaves her not only blushing with shame and aroused far beyond anything she’s ever experienced before, it also leaves her yearning for more. It isn’t long before she feels a growing need to submit both her body and her heart to the dark, mysterious billionaire. But when the time comes to fulfill the bargain that kept her out of prison, can she trust Jake to protect her, or will she cast aside her newfound love to save herself?

Publisher’s Note: Bared by the Billionaire is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking, sexual scenes, BDSM, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And here’s a super-sexy excerpt. (This is appropriate for ages 18+ and may not be safe for work.)

“Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Her cheeks flushed but she did as she was told, trembling a little, eyes downcast the entire time. She dropped the bra and her hands moved to the nipple rings.

“Not those,” he said.

He saw the look of dismay on her face, but she never protested. She bent forward to unhook the garters. Slipping off her shoes and balancing on one foot, then the other, she peeled the stockings off. Finally she reached behind her and unhooked the lace garter belt, letting it fall to the floor. He let her stand there for a moment under the bright lights of the lab, naked, and just stared. Her body was beautiful. Full, lush breasts, narrow waist, hips that flared out.

“Come here and lie across my lap.” As she walked toward him, the portions of her brain that registered fear and anxiety responded strongly. But so did the center for arousal. She put one knee on the sofa, awkwardly supporting her weight with her hands as she draped herself across his lap.

Her body was warm and soft and when she let her full weight rest on him, he felt his own body respond. Without thinking, he stroked her bare ass and ground himself up against her, just a little. Harmon didn’t need a machine to tell the instant she felt his cock pressing up, hard and ready. Her sharp intake of breath did that.

Grabbing her wrists with one hand and holding them out in front of her, he smacked her bottom sharply with the flat of his palm. The computer screen exploded in lights. He started spanking her steadily, firm but not too hard at first, watching with clinical detachment as her lovely bottom turned pink.

He spanked harder and it took on a darker shade of red. As it did, her pain centers on the monitor glowed brighter and brighter. Her fingers dug into the fabric of the sofa but she never moved or made a sound.

He wanted more, wanted to see what she’d do once he broke her tight control. He shifted his legs a little and spanked her slowly, sensuously, rubbing the hard bulge in his pants back and forth across her wet slit with every whack. A soft moan escaped her lips. The sensors recorded a huge spike in endorphins. The pleasure centers of her brain were sending off fireworks. Harmon smiled to himself.

“Get down on your knees in front of me,” he demanded, letting go of her wrists.

You can get Bared by the Billionaire at Amazon and other distributors right now.

About Kallista, in her own words:

Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or paint or dance.  I have but one talent – I am a weaver of words.

As a little girl I was scared to take risks.  As a woman, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, scuba dived in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail.  But the greatest risk I’ve taken is putting my naughtiest secret fantasies in print.

I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.