Saturday Spankings – Abel’s Discovery

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Saturday Spankings

cover the blacksmith's brideIt’s almost Christmas! Are you ready? I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do celebrate the solstice, in my own fashion, so we put some lights up to scare away the darkness. Fortunately, this does not involve ladders and roofs.

For today’s Saturday Spanking, I’m sharing a bit from The Blacksmith’s Bride, my book from “The Sons of Johnny Hastings” box set. These books, and The Blacksmith’s Bride are historical westerns. In this segment, Abel is spanking Sunny, and he finds out something unexpected.

Sobbing, low and plaintive, gave him pause. He nearly stopped, but her bottom was barely red, and only in spots, bright blotches of color muted by the gloom of the shed. Abel was distracted by the sound and his aim was off, so he caught her between the legs instead of on the bottom proper. The sound was muffled, not the sharp slap that proved her bottom was target. Instead, she sounded wet. How could that be? He wanted to touch her there, to find out whether she truly was excited by this situation, by her bare behind showing blatantly and the heat on her backside. Had all of that been titillating for her?

I hope you have a lovely Saturday and that your last-minute shopping is not stressful. Happy Holidays!

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