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Alpha Male Blog HopUPDATE: The winner of the $10 Blushing Books gift certificate for this site is: Kym A! Congratulations, Kym! Thank you to everyone who participated. I wish you a joyful week! Come back for the next blog hop starting tomorrow for another chance to win.

Today, I’m interviewing Fire Gorge’s Police Chief, Drake Stillwater. He doesn’t much like being photographed, so I’ll describe him as a broad-shouldered man with black hair and very dark eyes. He’s got Native American features, a strong nose and jaw, is buff and muscular, and has a confident handshake. The feeling I get from him–besides reticence to talk about himself–is that he’s a capable man with a wealth of emotion hiding under the surface.

It’s hard to draw Police Chief Drake Stillwater into conversation. He’s really The Strong, Silent Type. I’ll give it a try below.

PG: Good morning, Chief. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

DS: I’m Drake Stillwater, Police Chief of Fire Gorge, Nevada. I grew up on the nearby Southern Paiute reservation and identify as a Paiute Native.

PG: Thank you. That doesn’t really tell us much about you that we couldn’t get from your recent bio in the Fire Gorge Sentinel. How did you become Police Chief?

DS: I applied for the job.

PG: Now you’re being difficult on purpose.

DS: (he laughs) Yeah. Okay. I earned a football scholarship to UNLV, where I studied Criminal Justice. After that, I went to the BIA Indian Police Academy and then worked for the BIA for a number of years. I saw the opportunity in Fire Gorge when the former Police Chief retired, and realized it would be a way for me to get back to my roots and serve the communites I grew up in.

PG: That’s still not very personal, Chief. What is it about police work that motivates you?

DS: (he looks a little put-upon; it’s obvious he doesn’t like to talk about himself) Crime is the wrong way to deal with the world. I don’t like seeing vulnerable people made into victims.

PG: Better. A little bird told me that you’ve been seeing a woman in Fire Gorge – Mae Weston. How did you meet? Are you serious about her?

DS: You shouldn’t listen to little birds, but in this case it’s true. Mae and I met during a crime at the convenience store where she works. She was a crime victim and I investigated the crime. Serious? I’m not a careless man.

PG: What’s interesting about Mae in particular?

DS: Mae is…unique. She is pretty, and full of energy and enthusiasm. She talks a little too much, but that’s kinda cute. Sometimes, she’s difficult and deserves a spanking. Well…it’s not always that she’s difficult. There are other times but I don’t believe this interview is about my sex life.

PG: (pouncing on that) Spanking?

DS: (he frowns) You know. Hand to butt.

PG: I know what a spanking is, Chief. Does Mae go along with this?

DS: Yeah.

PG: You look softer when you talk about Mae. Are you in love with her?

DS: Mae means a lot to me. The depth of our relationship is between me and her.

PG: There’s no getting around the interracial nature of your relationship. Is that an issue for you?

DS: It’s an issue for some of Mae’s family, but not for me. It wouldn’t matter to me if she was an Oompa Loompa and orange through and through. She’s Mae and that’s what matters.

PG: Do you see yourself settling down in the near future?

DS: In time.

PG: Well, I’d have to say that ends our interview. Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

DS: (he smiles) No.

PG: (sighing) The phrase “Strong, Silent Type” really suits you, Chief. Thank you for your time.

DS: (he looks relieved) My pleasure.

Cover: Strong, Silent TypeYou can read a lot more about Drake Stillwater and the story of him and Mae in the book, The Strong, Silent Type, published by Blushing Books. It’s fun to get into his head when he’s not looking. There is a trailer for the book and I’m providing a blurb, excerpt, character profiles and links here. If you leave a comment below, along with your email address, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $10 Blushing Books gift certificate and for the Grand Prize drawing with prizes of a Nook Color or Kindle Fire, a $130 Amazon/B&N gift card, or a swag pack loaded with goodies from many of your favorite authors.

Thank you for stopping by on the Alpha Male Blog Hop. I hope to see you here on Patricia Green Books sometime in the future.



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