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Cover: Kiki's MillionaireWelcome! This post is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. The following is a small segment of my first spanking romance novella, Kiki’s Millionaire (blurb and extended excerpt available from this link). It was published in 2010 as a serial, and later as a normal book through Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In this segment, Kiki is out on her first date with the prosperous and popular, Jim Chesterfield. Unfortunately, she’s got a bit of a potty mouth, and Jim has warned her numerous times that it’s a lousy habit to be in. He’s even threatened a spanking. At dinner, Kiki makes something of a spectacle of herself.

“You’re acting like a spoiled little girl.”

“You’re acting like a fucking pompous jackass.”

His frown deepened and he slid out of the booth, dragging her by the arm. “You deserve a spanking. Into the car. Now.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she hissed.

“Oh, but I do dare.”

Of course, she’ll be given the choice of a spanking or a ride home with no further contact. Jim is hunky, rich, and a truly nice guy. Which do you think she’ll choose?

You can pick up a copy of Kiki’s Millionaire at these fine retailers:

Blushing Books,, and Barnes & Noble.


  1. Oh I can’t see her being tamely driven home, only to have no more contact! Great snippet…

  2. She definitely has a potty mouth, but she’s got such spirit, I can see why Jim would be attracted to her, even though she’s a bit of a challenge. I just love Kiki! Even when she’s bad (especially when she’s bad!) LOL Great 8!

  3. I bet she’ll take that dare!

  4. Excellent back and forth between the characters!

  5. “,,,f@cking pompous ass.” I love a sassy girl not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

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