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If you’re here for Horny Hump Day, please scroll down a post. Age 18+ recommended.

I’m more than pleased to announce that The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo has a gorgeous cover and today’s my day to share it with you. The book should be released by Blushing Books on Friday, so look for the Blushing Books flyer in your email and grab your copy on release day. It’s an inexpensive self-gift, and you deserve it.

Book cover by Erin Dameron Hill of
Book cover by Erin Dameron Hill of


  1. Congrats Patricia LOVE the cover!!

    • Thank you, Natasha. I’m kinda in love with this cover, too. Blushing Books and their artist, Erin Dameron Hill, did an excellent job with a difficult description.

  2. Gorgeous cover, Trish! I’m sure your excited about the reveal and the release on Friday! This one’s going to fly off the virtual shelves!

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