Guest Post: How to Enjoy Your Erotic Novels More

Please welcome my guest, Erica Hart. She’s sharing her clever article: “How to Enjoy Your Erotic Novels Even More.” This is homework you’ll really enjoy. Take it away, Erica…

Woman reading book by swimming pool with champagne on table in foregroundErotic novels can be more of an escape from your reality than even the most ludicrous stories of dragons and magic. They captivate readers not because of their far out ideas, but because they encourage a twinge of possibility that the story could happen to them. There’s no doubt that no matter where you are or what you’re surrounded by, if you’re reading an erotic novel, you’re probably enjoying yourself. But there are ways that you can make your experience an even better one.

Change Your Location
Don’t feel as though you have to by discreet about your book. As long as you’re not reading the juicy parts out loud, you can read it anywhere. Also, the more relaxing the location, the better. You can even go somewhere that’s similar to a place in the book. For example, let’s say you’re reading The Blacksmith’s Bride. Now, while I don’t have a ranch anywhere close by (and I’m not exactly fond of the smell of manure), just reading the book in your backyard can give you a closer sense of being a part of the story. You’ll be able to experience the sensations of the sun on your skin just as the characters do when they’re working outdoors.

Set the Stage
If you’re not comfortable reading your book somewhere besides your home, then make your space at home into a reading oasis. It might seem clichéd to read while relaxing with a nice drink in a hammock or in the tub surrounded by candles. However, once you try it for yourself, you’ll be enjoying yourself too much to give any clichés a second thought. You can even find bathtub trays or caddies that have places to hold your book up so that you can completely submerge yourself. Or you can create your own DIY holder like the one that Boing Boing reported on. Apparently all you need is a retractable dog leash, a chip clip and a suction cup!

Play Dress Up
People love getting into the spirit of their favorite characters and there isn’t any reason why you should feel less connected to the characters in your books just because it’s a romance novel. If people can dress up like Harry Potter, then you shouldn’t feel silly dressing like your favorite erotic novel character. You can choose to dress up like their everyday look or go for an outfit that’s sexier. As Adam and Eve said in their recent blog on corsets, for example, “They aren’t just for princess costumes or burlesque dancers.” It’s true. Also, playing dress up can add some liveliness to your time in the bedroom and inspire confidence when you see how your partner reacts to your outfit.

Live Out Your Fantasies
Is there something in particular from the last book you read that you really enjoyed? Perhaps it was a date that the couple went on or a night that they shared together. If it’s at all possible (and financially feasible), you should recreate that romantic date you read about with your partner. Did they take a painting class together or have an impromptu water gun fight? You can have just as much fun doing those things yourself as the characters did in the novel. Your story doesn’t have to be the same as theirs, but you’re entitled to live just as fully.

What you’re reading might be a fantasy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in it in some way. The next time you’re indulging in your favorite erotic novel, give one of these suggestions a try and see if it doesn’t make your experience all the more better. Books are a great way to escape, but there are ways that you can use them to improve your own reality, too.

Author Bio — Erica Hart is a blogger and freelance writer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She loves to travel, and recently took her first visit to Italy. When she’s not working, you can find scrounging through the nearby thrift stores or playing with her two cats, Milo and Ned.

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