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Journey in the Spring

A Springtime Spanking Romance Short Story About the Journey Family
by Patricia Green

Copyright ©2012-2021 Patricia Green & Bethany’s Woodshed
Published on The Woodshed, September 2012.

This story is divided into 2 chapters. Chapter 2 can be found here.
Journey in the Spring Cover

Chapter 1

Ace pressed Gabby against the doorframe of their room, guiding her into the suite with the pressure of his body against hers as they kissed passionately. His moustache tickled her upper lip, then the side of her cheek as his mouth moved over her face and hungrily down her throat. The door lock snicked closed behind her.

Cool air rushed over Gabby’s chest as her t-shirt was pulled up, then Ace’s hot lips latched onto one peaked nipple, and he sucked it hard through the thin fabric of her bra. Gabby panted and moaned softly, reveling in the harsh and hurried way her husband was taking her. It thrilled her to her core to know that she made this capable and mature man act like a randy teenager.

He pulled her farther into the room, hardly moving his mouth from her breasts, tugging her bra off and finally pressing her down into the bed. Making quick work of her jeans and panties, Ace knelt between her legs and pressed them open. His heated gaze ran over her wetness and his brown eyes sparkled with lusty intent.

The zipper of his jeans slid open easily, freeing his thick cock and making it available to her seeking fingers. He groaned as she stroked him, while he yanked the hips of his jeans down a little, not taking the time to pull them off all the way. He was in such a rush that he hadn’t even taken his boots off.

Leaning forward, he rubbed his velvet hardness against her folds, and they both gasped at the sensations. Gabby couldn’t lie still. Her whole body felt flushed and lit up from her pussy outward.

“Do it Ace…please, honey,” she begged.

He reached past her shoulder to the table near their bed and Gabby stilled his hand when he would have opened the foil package. “No,” she whispered. “Not this time.”

He frowned slightly and gave her a stern look. “Now, l’il girl, we’ve been through this. No babies until you’re at least twenty-three. Twenty-two’s too young.” His drawl was thick, as it often became when he was excited.

She groaned and relaxed into the bed, the sexual tightness in her body seeping out as her disappointment grew. Ace was forty years old. So what if she was twenty-two; he was old enough for the both of them. And besides, her mother had only been eighteen when she’d had Gabby. Now, granted, that hadn’t worked out for the unmarried Anita Appleby, but Gabby was not in that position. She’d been married to Ace for a solid six months, and they were crazy in love. What better time to have a baby? Why was he being so stubborn?

“I’ve seen the way you look at Queenie’s babies,” she told him. “You can’t tell me you don’t want one of your own.”

He nodded and leaned back on his heels, still hard and ready, but irritated enough to stay apart from her. “Yeah. I’d like to start a family, Gabby, but you’re not ready.”

“I am, too!”

“You’re still a kid, darlin’. You don’t know your own mind half the time.”

“I know about this! Please, Ace. Give me this one thing and I won’t ask anything of you ever again.”

He chuckled, his face clearing. “I’ve heard that before.”

“Oh! Oh! You are so…so…pigheaded.”

“Watch it, li’l girl. I might be hot for you right now, but that won’t stop me from tannin’ your ass.”

A spanking under these circumstances wouldn’t get her very far, so she backed down. “I’m sorry. I just want it so bad, Ace.”

He put the condom down and ran a hand over her smooth belly and up, to cup one of her breasts. “No, Gabby. That’s final.”

Gabby grabbed his hand and pulled it away. “No. If we can’t make a baby, I won’t have sex with you.”

Once again, he leaned back on his heels, this time scowling at her darkly. “Do you know what you’re sayin’, li’l girl?”

She nodded, more confident with her scheme. If she withheld sex from him, he’d surely come to agree with her. He wanted sex all the time, and, although she wanted it too, she figured that denying him would make him desperate enough that the condom would go by the wayside. “I mean it,” she said.

Ace brushed his longish brown hair out of his face and stared at her for a tense moment. Gabby tried to set her jaw, to let him know that she wasn’t kidding.

“Alright,” he finally said. Ace tucked his diminishing cock back into his jeans and zipped them up. “You know I won’t force you.” He looked up at her, searching her face. “That’s not what this is about, is it? You don’t want to play-act me forcin’ myself on you or somethin’ like that, do you?”

Actually, it could be fun, but maybe another time. She was determined to get her way. “No, that’s not what I intend.”

“Okay.” He scooted to the side of the bed and, before standing, turned back to her. “I think you’re gonna regret this, li’l girl.”

Not as much as he was going to regret not giving her a baby though it was clear that she was perfectly ready for one. “I’ll take my chances.”

He stood. “Well then, I’d best get back to the oak grove parcel and help the men with those fences. There’s plenty of chores to do.”

Gabby pulled the coverlet over her nakedness, suddenly feeling exposed. “Right. I’ll see you at suppertime.”


That night, as Gabby crawled into the chilly bed by herself, she watched her husband as he sat in the bedroom chair. A book of Roman philosophy rested in his lap and he was reading quietly. He loved that Roman stuff, even reading it in Latin. She’d asked him once how he came to know that obsolete language, and he’d explained that he needed to learn a language in college, and Latin was the natural choice since he needed to know a lot of Latin words for the biology parts of his animal husbandry degree. It seemed logical to her, since he was already fluent in Spanish and not the kind of man who’d take the easy way. But he’d always had a love of philosophy and Roman philosophy in particular, so he’d started reading the Latin versions. Gabby thought it was weird–that he should be reading “Rodeo Times” or something, since he’d been a bull rider once–but he was a man of many facets. She learned more about him every day.

“Coming to bed?”

“I think I’ll stay up and read awhile,” he told her. “You go ahead and sleep.”

She eyed him, taking in his broad, bare chest and the flat stomach that slid into his pajama pants. “You sure?”

He nodded and smiled gently. “G’night, li’l girl.”

“Night, Ace.”

She turned off the light, and the room got dim, though the light from near the chair still cast a yellow glow. Burrowing into the soft covers, Gabby lay there awake for quite a while. Finally, she fell asleep as she watched the shadows on the wall.

Two days later, nothing had changed. He stayed up and read each night, ignoring her until she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer and fell asleep. Gabby didn’t know what time he finally came to bed, but she couldn’t see any change in him that indicated that he was either sexually suffering or weary from staying up late. It was frustrating in the extreme.

She made a trip into Sonora and brought home the thing that she was sure would turn him on so much that he wouldn’t be able to keep away from her.

As they started their now-familiar good-night routine, she got out the vibrator she’d bought. Pushing the covers off her nude body, she started by playing with her nipples. They hardened to her touch. Ace didn’t look up from his book.

Gabby tried a little moan, and he glanced up, his eyes following her hands as she pinched her sensitive peaks. Good. He was finally paying attention.

She slid her hands down her belly and played with the sparse curls at the juncture to her thighs and watched as a gleam began in his eyes. He closed his book.

“What are you up to, Gabby?”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you, too, li’l girl.”

She smiled and parted her legs. “Then come over here.”

He shook his head, moving his book to the side table. “Nope. We still disagree on a thin’ or two.”

“But, Ace…”

“Are you sayin’ you agree with me about not makin’ a baby?”

He was so annoying! “No, I don’t agree with you.”

“Then there’s no reason for me to come over there right now. Go to sleep.”

She spread her legs wider and began to play with her pussy. Slippery wetness smacked through the room and Gabby knew he could hear it too. Her hips rose a little as she explored.

“Don’t you want this, Ace?”

He didn’t answer right away, so she glanced over at him. There was a pronounced tent in his pajama bottoms. “Yeah, I do. I’m not dead.” But he didn’t move out of the chair.

“You’re just stubborn,” she told him, as she reached for the purple vibrator. His eyebrows rose as she turned it on.

“You know that’s breakin’ the rules,” he pointed out. “You were supposed to throw out all those toys when you moved in here with me.”

She ran the buzzing dildo down the inside of her thigh but his voice stopped her before she could touch the sensitive flesh she sought.

“If you do that, I’m gonna spank your behind until you can’t sit for a week, li’l girl.”

“But, Ace…I’m horny!”

“This is of your own doin’. Turn off that contraption.”

Sighing, she turned it off and put it aside. “I’m so frustrated.”

“You can use your hands, if you really need to.”

There was more than one way to seduce him, especially if he was giving her permission to try. “Thank you, Ace.”

He didn’t say anything, so she started running her hands through her folds, gently at first, then with some vigor. She began to pant, and spared a glance at her husband to see if he was going to respond. He’d responded alright. Ace had his hard cock in his hand, stroking it firmly as he watched her.

That was definitely not what she wanted. She wanted to have him desperate for her! If he relieved his own tension, she’d never get anywhere.

But she was excited, so she teased her clit, increasing the urgency in her belly. She glanced over at him again and saw the sex fever on him. His eyes were hooded, glittering with heat, and his hand was moving much faster on his cock. Maybe this could work after all. If he got excited enough, he was sure to want to put it inside her.

She knew something that would push him over the edge. Smack! She slapped her hand down on her own pussy, gasping and writhing with the pain-pleasure. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as when he did it, of course, but her temperature rose a notch and she got a lot closer to orgasm.

Another look over at him found him smiling a feral smile. He was still stroking himself, now with some force, but he wasn’t getting up out of the chair. His chest was lightly sheened, the thick muscles in his arm flexing and releasing, flexing and releasing with a seductive rhythm. Oh, how she wanted to lick the sweat off him, to tease his hard little nipples with her tongue and hear him sigh with pleasure.

The snakes of impending climax were twisting in her belly. Gabby moved one hand to her breast and tortured a nipple roughly, trying to imagine it was Ace’s mouth on her. It wasn’t the same, so she moved her hand back down and started the slide down to orgasm with some carefully placed caresses on her swollen clit.

Once more, trying to make the final push to get him to come to her, she slapped her pussy, moaning loudly in response to the sharp sensation. If he was going to come to her, it was now or never. And, a moment later, she spiraled away on a whirlpool of pleasure. The feeling was nowhere near as intense as with her husband, but she moaned and writhed gently.

He gave a little grunt, and she looked over at him, her climax receding. Come was spattered all over his belly and running down his hand and he’d relaxed back into the chair, nearly boneless with relief.

Gabby licked her lips, wanting desperately to go to him, to taste him and clean off all his sexy juices. But she held back. Just because he didn’t respond on this first night, didn’t mean tomorrow wouldn’t be different. He wouldn’t like to be reliant on his own hand for long.

Two nights later, she nearly shook with frustration, curling up in the bed with her snoring husband alongside. Once again, he’d taken himself in hand in response to her masturbation, and come to bed to sleep immediately after.

This wasn’t working; she’d have to make him want her badly enough to do what she wanted and there seemed to be nothing she could do to push him over the edge.

Gabby nearly wept, thinking about Queenie’s sweet babies and how she had to wait and wait and wait for one of her own. She wanted to clonk Ace over the head, but after a while, she fell asleep, her brow furrowed with frustration.

* * *

Ace watched his woman drag around the house and garden on the day of the christening. The family was gathering, and was sure to notice that her usual spirit was diminished. He consoled himself with the fact that she had put herself in this position. Truth to tell, he wasn’t thrilled with it either, but he knew he could out stubborn her, so he waited.

Easter would be upon them in a few days, and it was time to think about the new calves and decide on which horses to breed and which to hold back for another year. Baby-making preyed on his mind. He wanted to have children, lots of them, but Gabby didn’t have the maturity to cope with them yet. Her foolish refusal to have sex with him was a childish tantrum, confirming his opinion.

The same things that attracted him to her were things that made her a bratty child-temper, willfulness, blithe spirit, innocence-and he was crazy about her, crazy for her. She had a woman’s body and a girl’s attitude. He wanted to fuck her and spank her equally.

Maybe that’s what he ought to do, spank her. He considered it seriously as he watched her helping Consuela in the kitchen. But spanking her at this junction would send the wrong signal. He didn’t want her thinking that she was being punished for withholding sex. It was her right to say no, after all. He didn’t like it and didn’t think it was fair either to him or their relationship, but that didn’t stop him from respecting her decision.

It wouldn’t last long anyway. Her longing for their intimate relationship was obvious as the pert little nose on her face. She took every opportunity to brush up against him and fling her chestnut curls under his nose. Her sexy brown eyes followed him around. She couldn’t help herself and masturbated at night, even though he watched her with eagle eyes. That part was driving him a bit loco, but he’d lived with his own hand for long stretches in his life and this was just another one of those times. The end result would be worth it.

Ace knew his judgment was right on this issue and wasn’t going to back down.

As he suspected, though, it brought on some quiet conversations with his brothers. Deuce approached him first. Deuce, of all his siblings was nearest his age, and knew him best of all.

“Gabby feeling alright, Ace?”

“Yeah. She’s been sleepin’ poorly is all.”

Deuce was a doctor and appeared to give that some professional thought. “Eating okay?”

“Yeah. Really, Deuce, there’s nothin’ wrong with her that a whoopin’ wouldn’t take care of.”

Deuce smiled, his clear blue eyes twinkling. “What’s holding you back?”

“I’m tryin’ to make a point with her.”

“What point?”

Ace’s brow dropped a bit. “She has this stubborn idea that we ought to start havin’ babies soon.”

“And this is a bad idea because…?”

“She’s not ready for that kind of commitment. Not that it’s any of your business.”

Deuce held up his hands. “Definitely not my business, I agree. But since you told me, I guess I’m inclined to point out that it’s possible that you, yourself, aren’t ready. Have you considered that?”

Ace snorted. How ridiculous was that? “You’re all wrong. I want a passel of kids.”

“You married a lush and fertile woman, Ace. Why don’t you start on that goal?”

“Like I said-”

“Right. She’s not ready for that.” Deuce smiled. “Maybe you ought to think about sharing her with another little life and how that would make you feel. Maybe you’re jealous about sharing. It took you quite a while to find her.”

The conversation was beginning to piss him off. He was more than willing to share Gabby with a baby, or ten babies; it wasn’t that at all. He saw the way Queenie and her husband, Will, shared their adoration of their twins and knew in his heart that it was something he wanted to experience, as soon as Gabby was ready. No, he wasn’t slowing the process because of some jealous foolishness.

He changed the subject. It was either that or punch his brother in the face.

His youngest brother, Trey, was next on the hit parade. He’d returned from Afghanistan for his annual R & R and was visiting the ranch for the christening and Easter family time.

“You’re lookin’ well, big brother.”

Ace couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, kid. You don’t look much the worse for wear.” He said it, but it wasn’t entirely true. Trey looked rode hard and put up wet. His military experiences were beginning to grind him down a little. Fortunately, he had a sweet wife to come home to. Liv was a balm to Trey’s battered psyche. Ace was glad they’d found each other.

“I saw Gabby helpin’ Consuela in the kitchen a little while ago. She seems…I dunno. Not herself.”

“She’s mad at me and is torturin’ herself with it.”

Trey appeared concerned. “All okay between you two?”

Ace nodded. “Nothin’ I can’t handle.”

“Look, bro, I know you’re older than me and all that, but I’ve been married longer. Let me give you a little advice: if she acts up, spank the livin’ daylights out of her. It works with Liv and it’ll work with Gabby, too. She really cleaned up her act after you spanked her that time she was givin’ Liv trouble.”

She had, that was a fact. However, they’d then been apart for nearly a year, and she’d gone back to being headstrong and bratty. “It’s not as easy as that, Trey.”

“Sure it is. What’s the beef, anyway?”

Ace sighed. He’d be writing up invitations to his argument with his wife soon. “She wants babies right now, and I want to wait.”

“Ah. Queenie’s babies got her motherin’ instincts up?”

Nodding, Ace shrugged to dismiss the conversation, but Trey didn’t back down that easily and offered a little of his personal relationship as a concession. “I’m concerned that Liv will have the same reaction. She’s anxious to start our family, but with me being deployed for another year at least, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

It was nice to have someone to talk to about it, and Ace realized exactly how isolated he’d made himself with this problem. “What are you goin’ to do about it?”

“She’ll be uncomfortable around Queenie’s babies, but she’ll deal with it. We have an agreement in place. The month after I return from my deployment for another hitch on the base, we start makin’ babies. It gives us both somethin’ to look forward to.”

That sounded appealing. “An agreement, huh?”

Trey nodded. “It works for us. Maybe you can try it.”

“Yeah. That might be what we need.”

* * *

Queenie glanced into the back of the big jeep as she, Will and the babies made their way from the church. The christening went very well. Father Roskovy had done an excellent job, and the babies had been pretty good natured. They’d each screamed as the cool water had been sprinkled on their foreheads, but they’d calmed easily enough. Their godparents, Will’s younger brother, Rob, and Queenie’s younger sister, Jackie, were delighted with their new responsibilities.

Now she’d spend the afternoon with her family and enjoy showing off her twins a little. Powell fussed a bit, but went back to sleep. He was getting hungry, she knew, mostly because her breasts felt very full. It would be a little awkward nursing the pair while at her family’s ranch house, but she’d figure out a way. This was her first family outing since the babies had been born. They’d stayed close to home for the past month while everyone was getting into something like a routine. It had been exhausting, with babies crying every two hours, but Queenie couldn’t imagine life without them anymore.

She and Will had behaved irresponsibly by having sex without protection, that was true, but it had come out alright because they’d both been old enough to admit their love for each other, despite being a bit set in their ways. Queenie was madly in love with Will, and he with her, and their babies enhanced their lives perfectly.

Her father, Leo Journey, had come to the neighboring ranch to visit his new grandbabies within a few hours of the babies’ coming home, and he was the first one to greet them when Queenie and Will pulled up in front of his ranch house.
He practically snatched Powell from her arms as she carefully took him out of his car seat.

“There’s my little grand…”

“Son, Daddy. That’s Powell.”

“I knew it. I can tell them apart,” he said with a big smile for Powell’s eyes alone. The baby gurgled and fussed.

“He’s hungry, Daddy.”

Will drew the other baby from the car and Liv hurried over to help. “Can I carry her?”

They exchanged smiles, and Will handed the little bundle over to his sister-in-law.

“Oh, isn’t she the prettiest baby?” Liv cooed, holding the baby close to her chest.

The little group made their way into the house and to the family room where the others were gathered.

Everyone had kind words about the children, though the pair was beginning to make a lot of noise by now. “I have to feed them.”

“Where are their bottles?” Liv asked.

Queenie smiled. “No bottles. They get the ‘organic’ stuff.”

Liv’s brows rose-this was the first time she’d been able to see the babies, since she and Trey lived in Austin, about three hours away. “Oh! Well, let me hand Myrna back to you. I’m sure you have a…system.”

“Myrna…” Gabriella said with disdain. “Who names a baby Myrna these days?”

The conversation stopped and Ace shot his wife a scowl. Gabby looked a little surprised, as though she hadn’t realized she’d spoken aloud.

Queenie tried to hold back her infamous temper. “They’re named after the actors from The Thin Man, William Powell and Myrna Loy.”

“I still think it’s a weird name,” Gabby muttered, her cheeks pink.

The babies were crying, but Queenie was officially ticked off. “Who asked your opinion?”

“No one, but-”

“So shut up, Gabby,” Queenie said. The younger woman was way out of line. If she had a negative opinion like that, she should have kept it to herself.

“Come on, Queenie,” Will said calmly, taking Powell from his reluctant grandfather. “Leo, do you mind if we use a guestroom?”

“Don’t mind a’tall.”


Queenie glared at Gabby as she followed Will out of the room.

* * *

“Gabby,” Ace growled as his sister walked out in a huff. “We have some talkin’ to do.”

She glanced around at the family she’d come to know. Most were looking embarrassed. Leo was visibly ticked off. Ace both looked and sounded furious.

“Now, Ace… I was merely stating an opinion.”

“An unasked for opinion and an insultin’ one.” He took her by the wrist and drew her from her chair. “Come on.”

“But, the party. I mean-”

He paused and stared her down, his frown dark enough to give her the shivers. His hand went to his belt. “You want me to tan you right here?”

“No!” Oh, God, what had she gotten herself into now? “No! I don’t want it at all. Not here or anywhere!”

Ace pulled her along. “Get your sweet ass upstairs, woman. Right. This. Minute.”

From the look on his face, he’d be picking her up and carrying her there if she didn’t cooperate. “Yes, sir,” she whispered and hurried out of the room, her face flaming.

When their door had shut behind them, Ace pulled his belt out of its loops abruptly, every motion crisp and angry. “Take off your panties and climb onto the bed, butt up.”

“Ace, really, I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was listening. I will apologize to Queenie and Will. I really will. Okay?”

“Not okay. Do like I said or I’ll start addin’ on swats.”

Gabby backed up until the bed hit the back of her knees. Squirming, she drew her panties down and got up on the bed on hands and knees. “We don’t have to do this,” she whined. “I’m really sorry.”

“Not as sorry as you’re fixin’ to be.”

The skirt of her dress got lifted up to her waist and tucked into the belt there and cool air wafted over her bare behind. This was going to hurt. She knew it and dreaded each second it took to get started. Once begun it was soon over, but anticipation was nearly as bad as the spanking.

He didn’t warn her, didn’t warm her up. The first smack was hard, loud and shockingly painful.


“I’ve had about enough of you being such a brat, Gabriella,” he told her, peppering her rear with half a dozen more hard spanks.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Her bottom was already beginning to burn harshly. “Please forgive me!”

“You embarrassed us all with your display of jealousy.” More spanks landed, more than she could count while the pain was so sharp.

“Ouchie!” A sob broke her voice. “I’m not jealous!”

The belt came down again and again, starting its inevitable trajectory down to her thighs and back up again. “You surely are! Your behavior lately has been all jealousy with no thought about how thin’s affect others.”

She sobbed and sniffled, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her butt burned and felt like it was splitting, but he didn’t relent. “Please, Ace! I’m so sorry!”

“I want you to get control of yourself and stop bein’ spiteful and bratty. You hear?”

The comforter was getting a wide wet spot from her tears. She couldn’t take much more. “I hear! I hear! Please stop!”

The spanks were concentrated on her sit spots and she wailed with agony. “I ain’t gonna allow you to be a harridan, li’l girl. Now you mind me and clean up your behavior!”

“Yes, sir! Yes, sir!” She was blubbering, but he seemed to understand her. He stopped and came up into the bed to rest his back against the headboard.

“Come here.”

Crawling and crying, she found her way to Ace’s lap. Her butt hurt fiercely as she climbed onto his thighs, but that didn’t stop her from cuddling up against him. The comfort was greater than the stinging burn.

“This is the end of the celibacy, too, li’l girl. I reckon you’ve ’bout tortured yourself enough.”

“We can have a baby?”

“We can make a deal.” Calloused fingers pushed sweat dampened hair off her forehead.


“Yeah. The month you turn twenty-three, we can start makin’ a baby.”

Hope rose in her chest. “We can?”

“Yeah. But not a day before. And I don’t want any more whinin’ about it.”

“You really mean it?”

He cupped her chin and turned her face toward his. “Have I ever lied to you?”

“No, sir.”

“Then I must mean it.”

She smiled though tears still coursed slowly down her face. They were becoming tears of joy. Throwing her arms around him, she hugged him tight. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

He chuckled. “I don’t want to see you slappin’ your pussy no more. That’s my job.”

Laughing, she nodded. It was a job she was happy to relinquish.

The story continues with Chapter 2.